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Dear Listener,

Thank you for considering supporting Conservatives' Guide.  I know you have lots of demands on your dollar and giving money to a podcast is not something you would ordinarily do.  Believe me when I say being a political talk show host is not what I had in mind for my life either, but I feel called to do this thing and appreciate you answering the call for help.

Conservatives' Guide is a private podcast operating under my business I incorporated back in 2007.   As a digital and tradeshow marketing company for small business, I have enjoyed over 15 years of business success, but now I need answer a different call.  I must put my technology & entertainment skill sets to work to combat big tech and main stream media.

Big tech and main stream media are censoring conservative voices.  They know their ideology will not win in a battle of ideas, so they have resorted to deplatforming, defunding, and defaming any conservative with a voice standing in their way.  Look what GoFundMe did to the Freedom Convoy in Canada!  GoFundMe confiscated near $10 million dollars and threatened to redistributed those funds to “other” charities of GoFundMe’s choice.

At Conservatives' Guide we’ve chosen to not use any of the patron type contribution platforms because they are all controlled by Big Tech.  Instead we are using straight credit card processing through Stripe to eliminate big tech deciding your support is not allowed.

You can choose to make a one-time contribution or sign-up to make small monthly contributions.  Click the buttons below and your credit card will be processed directly on a secure website through Stripe.  If you would rather cut out the credit card company all together, then please consider writing a check payable to Zenith Exhibits, Inc. and mail to 1570 W Columbus Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815.  Please add Conservatives' Guide to the memo line so we can keep contributions straight for tax purposes.

Zenith Exhibits, Inc. is NOT a non-profit organization, but rather a for-profit business.  I am working to create a conservative digital media company that will have multiple channels conservatives can use to get their political message directly to the voter.  We also have channels for conservative business owners to reach new customers and a brand new channel devoted to seniors and baby boomers.

Why not just sell advertising space on the program?  Well, we do, but many small business owners are afraid to advertise for fear of the cancel culture effect on their business.  They want to support an effort to combat censorship, but they don’t really want people to know they are doing it.

Why not form a non-profit organization so our contribution is tax deductible?  Well, for the same reason as above.  Contributions to non-profit organizations are public record and the cancel culture targets people who give money to conservative non-profit organizations.

Accepting financial contributions through my for-profit business allows me to protect your identity while you support the effort to build a conservative media channel.

Your support goes to help pay for business expenses involved in producing multiple conservative internet talk shows.  Hosting fees, digital recording equipment, marketing materials, and time are all expenses for a business like this.  The talk show is no different from the websites and tradeshow displays I build…podcast episodes live forever and is heard by tens of thousands of people all over the country.

I’ve made the contribution options low so you can see first hand this fund raising effort is not about getting rich, but supporting the cause.  If you agree conservatives voices are being silenced, then please click one of the contribution buttons below and support the shows.

Thank you

Ed Bejarana
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Zenith Exhibits, Inc. is my business name and we use Stripe for payment processing.  You can cancel your subscription at anytime.  You can call me anytime you have a concern at (208) 209-7170.  My business address is 1570 W Columbus Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815. and www.ZenithExhibits.Studio