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Thank you!  Creating and hosting Conservatives' Guide started as a hobby, but has turned into a very busy part-time job.  Production expenses, hosting costs, studio costs, and time all add up and any financial support you can give is appreciated.

As a business owner myself, I know receiving value for your contribution is important.  Supporting conservative talk radio may be your goal, but my goal is to give you the highest possible return on your investment.  Together I believe we can find the way to over come big tech and main stream media's strangle hold on America.

We charge $15 per CPM for a 30 second ad and $20 per CPM for a 60 second ad.

We do not charge for ad set-up or pre-production, but do ask for a commitment of at least four ad spots.

Please complete the form below or call my office at (208) 209-7170 to talk about your ad spot and see if it is a fit for the listeners of Conservatives' Guide.

If you are a listener and would like to make a small contribution to the program, we have a PayPal payment option coming soon.