What is the cost of Mandatory when General Health and Welfare is involved?

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Today I address the idea that our health care system is overwhelmed and those must be rationed.

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Welcome to Conservatives’ Guide.  It has been several weeks since I last just talked with you…I started down this path of interviews when I talked with Pastor Coates about Modern Monetary Theory; then brought in guest after guest to dispute the economic idea I knew to be outright crazy.  I did learn in the episode, however, that we need to hear from these folks who want to fundamentally change America into a socialist utopia (or worse.). BUT a lot has happened in the eight weeks since we started talking about economics; and today I am going to bring the conversation back to current America and share my thoughts on a very important topic:  Vaccine Passports and Mandatory Mask Mandates.

Ben Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  In context, Ben was talking about a specific tax case between the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the family of The Penns…but the sentiment is worth discussion and thus is my topic for today’s podcast episode.

What is the role of the federal government?  If you are like me, you would answer, “provide for the safety and general welfare of the American public.”  We elect representatives to make the hard decisions that are inappropriate for a democracy…laws that our police should enforce; standards by which fire departments certify building occupancy and fire safety; easement and setback allowances to provide for fair private property rights.;  traffic laws to increase public safety standards…Heck we even have government agencies to test water purity to make sure people have clean and safe drinking water.

Before you get the idea that I am going down the mandatory vaccine path…let me unpack a few of the above.

Laws the police enforce can be changed by popular vote.  While I don’t ever see murder being over turned and made legal…our courts did legalize abortion.

Fire departments do inspect buildings for occupancy allowances and have authority to red tag a building.  However, through legal action we can force a different decision.

Easements and setbacks can be annexed.  Traffic laws change all the time.  Lastly, ask the people of Detroit about water quality standards and just how wrong government can be sometimes!

Government is not infallible.  I would argue government is wrong more often than not, but that is a different podcast episode.  What would things look like if we used the power of government mandate to ensure public safety?

The FBI keeps track of all the different ways people murder one another.  Gun and knife are popular choices, but baseball bat and hammer hold top five positions on the list.  To use the power of mandate to provide for safety from murder, the government would need to remove all those instruments that could be used to murder someone else.  While the dems are calling for gun control, I don’t recall seeing the baseball bat moratorium in recent legislation.  Where is the bill to outlaw hammers in America?

A law against murder was passed, and assailants are adjudicated before a jury of their peers to determine if the act was justified or not.  If not, then a penalty is enforced and justice is considered served.

Let’s look at the next one on the list:  Fire departments can red tag a building and that would prevent people from legally using that building.  Seems like the mandate works, right?  Well, sort of; except private property rights do trump fire marshal code and so long as the property is not used for the general public, the red tag issuance doesn’t hold water.  If a family continues to use a red tagged property and someone is injured on the property, then legal recourse takes place and crimes and penalties are assessed.

One more: water quality is a big one.  Businesses through out America have been prosecuted for polluting our water ways…when neglect or malice can be proven, legal action is taken and punishment is dolled out.

Do you see the pattern?  A standard is created, agreed to by majority vote, then violators of the new law are prosecuted.

Before I dive head-long into mandatory vaccines, let’s talk about hurricanes and earthquakes.  In my 53 years, I’ve lived through more than a few of both…When there was a mass casualty event, the National Guard, American Red Cross, and FEMA all setup tents, trailers, and temporary buildings to treat and help people hurt by the event.  Dozens of organizations would fly into the area and setup soup kitchens and emergency shelters, provide clothing, food, water, even toys for the children…the charitable heart of America is HUGE!

In fact, I know America provides this type of emergency response to disasters that happen around the world.  When the terrorists attacked in Paris, London and Holland…when the earth shook in Mexico, Japan, and even Iran.  When the hurricane strikes in Haiti and the tsunami in Indonesia and the volcano erupted in Greenland…America has been helping hundreds of millions of people get through mass casualty events in every corner of the world…

Why then is responding to COVID-19 in America, on our own soil, such a calamity?   

The President goes on TV and said his patience is running out on people who refuse the vaccine.  What about our patience for nations who won’t build earthquake proof houses?  You didn’t go on TV and bemoan the Japanese for not preventing their Nuclear power plant from blowing up!  No, you only lose your patience when American tax payers exercise their God given right.

For that matter, why are so many health care workers being let go from their job for refusing the vaccine?  These people have been working the front lines for 18 months and NOW your patience has run out with these people?  The very people we need to respond to this mass casualty event?

The winds had not died down just last week in Haiti from Hurricane Ivan and America has ships filled with supplies landing, but in America…in Idaho, crisis level care is required because resources are stretched too thin.  Really?

Let’s go back one year ago this month…when now Vice President Harris went on national TV and said she didn’t trust the vaccine created and rushed through by President Trump.  Why is it that today, the same vaccine created and rushed through under President Trump is now required for every American or else you may be refused treatment at your local hospital?

Ladies and gentlemen…this is evil.  When your local hospital administrator goes on TV and announces they will need to start rationing care because the hospitals are overloaded, then we must demand their budget be held up from sending aid to foreign shores.  When the politician goes on TV and demands American citizens give up their right to choose to accept an experimental drug then we must demand all immigration to our nation be halted until our government can get a handle on the health situation.

You and I have the power.  When we realize that a general strike on all things being restricted by the American government will bring these evil leaders into check, then America can be saved.  Until you and I are willing to take a stand and put our lives and sacred honor on the line for freedom, these evil politicians and communist wannabe dictators will continue to take away our liberties.

Now let’s look how a civil, Americanize COVID-19 response would happen under freedom loving leaders.

The director of the CDC would go on the nightly news and suggest people with comorbidities and who are susceptible to grave danger from catching COVID get the experimental vaccination.  Those who are otherwise healthy should consult your physician.  Further, if you are feeling ill, consider wearing a mask if you must go out in public or remain at home if you can.  Everyone else should plan on 30 minute walks in the fresh air at least three or four times a day, get plenty of rest, and eat healthy meals.

That is how a real health leader would respond to a pandemic.  

When a hospital starts to get over loaded, then the governor issues an emergency order to move in the national guard and setup temporary medical facilities to treat the sick.  Those who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or flu like symptoms with respiratory struggles should report to these facilities for therapeutic treatment.

Tell me I am wrong on that being the correct way a leader should react during a pandemic?

What we have right now are a large group of power hungry dictators wannabes who have gotten drunk on their ability to play simon says.  It is our job, you and me, American patriots, to stop jumping to simon’s orders.  It is time we say NO when simon says.  It is time we take back our hospitals…by force if we have to.  It is time we take back our state capitol buildings…by force if we have to.  It is time we take back Washington DC…yes, by force if we have to.

While Ben Franklin was talking about taxes when he uttered those immortal words…they have never been more true than they are today.  Those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither!

So, here we go.  For those of you who need to hear this.

If you are feeling sick or struggling with a respiratory illness, please stay home or, if you must go out, wear a mask.  If you can not wear a mask, then ask a friend or neighbor to run your errands.

If you contract COVID-19, seek medical assistance from your closet hospital.  If you are not yet sick, then research alternative treatment options and order supplies to aid in your recovery now, before you get sick.  Any preparation you can do now to prevent your needing advanced medical treatment will decrease any strain on our medical system for those very ill or injured patients who need emergency care.

For those of you who have a comorbidity such as excessive weight, a respiratory impairment, or an immune deficiency, please consider participating in the experimental vaccine to help give your body a fighting chance should you catch COVID.  For those of you not comfortable getting the shot, please restrict your movement to limit your exposure to those who might be carriers of the virus.

God bless you and your family and may God bless America!


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