Using Department of Homeland Security As A Political Cudgel


Today’s episode is about silencing opposition through threats and fear.  During Obama’s term he used the IRS to attack political opponents, today the democrats are using the Department of Homeland Security.

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Today’s episode is about silencing opposition through threats and fear. During Obama’s term, he used the IRS to attack political opponents. Today, the democrats are using the Department of Homeland Security.

Welcome to the conservatives guide to American politics. My name is Ed Bejarana. And I am an otherwise happy go lucky conservative, who enjoys life in North Idaho with his wife and two golden retrievers. For all intents and purposes, I keep to myself and think your folks should live and let live, you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But I am frustrated watching the news. All I really tune in to see is the weather and maybe some local interest stories. But most of what they show me is their political biases socialistic tendencies, the American media is no longer neutral. Instead, they use their megaphone to influence political power. The ideals of America have been hijacked by people who otherwise dislike or hate American ideology. I started this podcast as my way to fight back from my little slice of America. Call it a rallying cry for other common sense conservatives to arm themselves against the onslaught of negativity. It is time the America hating progressives hear from the silent majority. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be heard.

So in case you missed it last week, January 27, I guess Actually, that’s we can half ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism advisory system bulletin. In summary, it read the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a national terrorism advisory system bulletin due to a heightened threat environment across the United States, which DHS believes will persist in the weeks following the successful presidential inauguration. Information suggests that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grieved grievances fueled by false narratives could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence. This summary bulletin began on January 27, at 11am. And, and it expires April 30. At 1pm. You know, if you haven’t gotten your hands on this, this, it’s a worthwhile read. I kind of want to jump down just a little bit, kind of cover a few things. It says throughout 2020 domestic violent extremists targeted individuals with opposing views engaged in first amendment protected nonviolent protest activity really, throughout 2020. Domestic extremists I I can only conclude that this means and Tifa and BLM except those weren’t non violent protests. Yeah, the National Guard wouldn’t get called out because they didn’t want to escalate it. But wasn’t it an Tifa that took over a few square blocks and Seattle? Didn’t the City of Portland, the downtown region spend 200 plus days basically being burned, broken and destroyed? You know, the definition of non violent I guess is in the eyes of the beholder, or whoever’s writing the history books. Another detail in this bulletin, long standing racial and ethnic, ethnic tension, including opposition to immigration, you know, that’s a funny one opposition to immigration. The Democrats I’ve I’ve said it numerous times on this show. They are absolutely brilliant at controlling the narrative. When they started with global warming.

We were kind of stupid. And we argued old globes not warming up. Of course it is global always warms up, it warms up, it cools down, warms up, cools down. The question is is does man have anything to do with it? So here they are, again, this is this is one of those global warming type things, including opposition to immigration, long standing racial and ethnic tension, including opposition immigration. I I’m not opposed to immigration. My last name is bad otter. This is a Spanish last name. My family came from Mexico. The Putz who wrote this doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I’m not opposed to illegal immigration you putts. I’m opposed to illegal immigration, cross over that border. And you you’ve broken the law. I’m also against people driving 100 miles an hour down the freeway. I’m also against people shoplifting. Does that make me racially biased? DHS remains concerned that homegrown violent extremists inspired by foreign terrorist groups who committed three attacks targeting government officials in 2020. remain a threat who committed three attacks targeting government officials in 2020? Well, let’s see here in 2017, the republicans at a baseball party were shot at now of course, they got that guy. So I guess it was no longer an extremist issue. But I don’t remember the DHS releasing a bulletin targeting government officials in 2020, which government officials were targeted? I did I missed that one. I must have missed it in the news. Now I know that there were a bunch of people protesting outside of the Capitol Building. But that was in 2021. Technically, so yeah, not sure what they’re going after here. But you got to scroll down a little bit because it’s how can you help. We are asking the public to report suspicious activity and threats of violence, including online activity, to local law enforcement, FBI field offices, or other local fusion center. What’s a fusion center? Your choice can make a difference. Choose nonviolent ways to make your voice heard, and support friends and family and doing the same. Communities are strongest when they are not divided. Strengthen your community by standing together against violence. And then they say, you know, be prepared avoid large crowds, including protests, is safest due to ongoing pandemic conditions. However, if taking part in protests, do so peacefully, safely and wear masks be responsible for your personal safety. Make note of your surroundings and security personnel carry emergency contact, as well as medical and other needs information with you. Connect, plan, train and report to prepare businesses and employees. And then they have this really cute information graphic recognize the signs or terrorism related suspicious activities protect your everyday recognize the signs. And you know they got a stadium and a house and a farm and a lake and yeah, cute little graphic. Expressed or implied threat. This is one of the things on the information graphic threatening to commit a crime that could harm or kill people or damage a facility infrastructure or secured site. Okay, on the surface, Sure. Why not? You hear somebody talk about killing somebody, of course, you should report them. surveillance of prolonged interested or taking pictures, video of personnel facilities, security features or infrastructure in an unusual or covert manner. You know, this is if we had done this before. 911 maybe 911 could have been avoided. You know, these these these are good things. But let’s let’s get out just a little bit misrepresentation, present presenting false information or misusing documents to conceal possible illegal activity

presenting false information. What is the definition of false information? I know that seems like an easy answer. Anything that’s not true. What’s not true? You heard the press calling President Trump a liar literally every day. He was president. Dozens and dozens and dozens of times a day. I mean to CNN anchors. That’s all they did every single hour call the president a liar. Say it long enough, say it loud enough and it becomes true But what is false information? Can you look at a document? And honestly say that’s false information? Or is it anything you disagree with? That goes against the liberal Orthodoxy is false information. Materials acquisition or storage, acquisition and or storage of unusual materials, such as cell phones, radio controllers or toxic materials. Okay, yeah, somebody’s storing toxic materials they, I guess.


this document reads more like an indoctrination, that of preparation. You know, theft and loss testing or probing of security, aviation activity. Yes, these are all important things sabotage, tampering, vandalism, damaging or destroying part of a facility infrastructure, or secured site. Well, where the hell was this document last year, when an Tifa and BLM were tearing apart the nation?

You know, the situation that we’re in right now in Washington DC, has, I think less to do with terrorism or the threat of terrorism, and more to do with silencing you and me. And the easiest way to silence you is to put you on a defense. You know, the, the favorite avid, you know, when are you going to stop beating your wife? It’s a question that every boy has to learn. You know, somebody comes up to you and says, Hey, when are you going to stop beating your wife? Isn’t kind of not a good way to answer that question. I’ve never beat my wife. Well, that’s not what I heard. Now, the discussion isn’t about the lie. This individual told the discussion is about the suspicion of you beat your wife. Here’s one, I thought I was going to die. That’s what AOC said. January 13. She wrote Ted Cruz, you do not belong in the United States Senate. Josh Holley, you do not belong in the United States Senate. So get out. A Cassio. Cortez said. She said Holly first pumped the mob moments before they stormed the Capitol and accuse them of putting their political features, excuse me putting their political futures ahead of democracy and the safety of Americans. The Congresswoman also called on all colleagues who supported efforts to overturn the election to step down. What claim Will you have, that you rule over a destroyed society that the ashes belong to you? Let me give you a sneak peek. You will never be president you will never command the respect of this country. Never. ocasio Cortez said, and you should resign, and so should every member of Congress who voted to overturn the election results because they would rather cling to power instead of respect our democracy, she said, adding that the only viable future is the USB and a, quote, multi racial democracy and insisting that white nationalist violence could not be voted away overnight without accountability. Representative Alexandria ocasio Cortez. Cortez democrat from New York, said she didn’t attend President Biden’s inauguration partly because she did feel safe around her colleagues 26,000 National Guard metal detectors everywhere. But it’s Ted Cruz she’s afraid of. She said I think we also had very real security concerns. We still don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress. This is an elected representative talking about other elected representatives. It’s no longer just about you and me. It’s about you and me who voted for Ted Cruz and Representative Hawkins. Excuse me, Representative Holly. That she said right out at Congresswoman Alexandria ocasio Cortez accuses Senator Cruz of attempted murder and the Republican caucus of condoning violence quote, I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but You almost had me murdered three weeks ago, so you can sit this one out because yo Cortez told Cruz Quote, happy to work with almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime, if you want to help, you can resign in quote. She also said there is there are no consequences in the republican Republican caucus for violence. There’s no consequences for racism, no consequences for misogyny, no consequences for insurrection, and no consequences mean that they condone it. It means that silence is acceptance. And they want it because they know that it is a core animating energy for them. And this is extremely dangerous. You see how this works. She just says it. The media repeats it, and therefore it’s true. Now, if you disagree with it, you should be reported to the FBI because, well, you’re promoting falsehoods. But that’s just one. One Congresswoman

Pelosi says fellow colleagues pose a security threat, how speaker Nancy Pelosi said the chamber will likely allocate more money for members of Congress to invest in additional security to protect them from the likes of violent rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6, but also from the enemy within the house, quote, we will probably need a supplemental budget for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside. Pelosi said during her weekly news conference Thursday at the Capitol quote, it means we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress. Pelosi said this isn’t just a OC. This is the entire Democratic Party. The Speaker of the House, just accused every Republican House of Representatives member of being a threat. Let’s talk about threat for just a moment. Let’s say that you’re in your house. You’re watching TV with your wife. And somebody busts down your door and starts screaming at you and they’ve got a gun. What do you do? Me I shoot the son of a bitch. You probably would too. That’s a clear threat. That’s a known threat. What AOC and Pelosi are doing here is setting up an assumed threat to become a known threat these people are asking for I’m going to say it the assassination of Republican leaders. It’s coming though, I’m ready to catch hell for this one. But that’s the result. AOC said Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered. Representative Holly was evil, tried to have her murdered. Nancy Pelosi says members of Congress are trying to threaten other members of Congress, they’re bringing guns, meaning they want to kill them. Now on the good news, you know, I always like to wrap up my programs with good news. But on the good news back in December, you know way back December 16 of 2020 AOC said Nancy Pelosi needs to go he’ll see believes the democratic party needs new leadership telling the intercept in an interview that it’s time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to go. But the left she said currently has no plan on how to fill the subsequent leadership vacuum. So here’s an individual who’s going to the media and receiving favor to promote the idea that half of Congress wants to kill the other half. That’s what we have here. We’ve we’ve got just a little over half of the house or Democrats, little under half a republican and exactly 5050 in the senate 50 democrats 50 republicans AOC and Nancy Pelosi they appear to believe that Republicans want to kill democrats and they’re sowing that seed of doubt. But also under the surface there. AOC is sowing seeds of doubt about Nancy Pelosi. Now just to make matters worse. DC National Guard deployment extended through end of March. Based on the political article DC National Guard chief Major General William Walker confirmed the National Guard will stay deployed in DC through March 31. You see the idea is to protect America against protesters who might oppose President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. I have an interesting question back in June, when the rioters were burning down police stations and federal courthouses. Why did Congress not demand the calling of the National Guard? Why didn’t governor so those democrats states that suffered the most at the hands of an Tifa and BLM call out the National Guard? Why did the mayor of Portland Seattle and Kenosha say publicly that the President could not send in the National Guard? Okay. That’s a rhetorical question. We already know the answer.

Democrats are manufacturing a crisis for political theater. The actors in this show are arm soldiers on whom the current democrats and Congress spat on, during or after Vietnam. I think Nancy Pelosi would just love to see the National Guard gunned down a group of conservative protesters. I mean, the idea of shooting accused insurrectionists must reach the climax of near sexual satisfaction to these people. Of course, reading aocs comments from just a few minutes ago in this podcast, she thought she was going to die. Speaker Pelosi demanded the National Guard to protect Congress and at the same time accused her fellow elected representatives of wanting to murder fellow members of Congress. By definition, I would say AOC and Nancy are both guilty of yelling fire in a perfectly safe theater. They’re both inciting and insurrection. They are both guilty of treason. They’re both longing to extreme violence. I mean, why else would they parade arms soldiers behind razor wire line fences, a show of force? Maybe. But let’s be honest, for just a moment. America has more than 100 million firearms. Hunters in America make up the world’s largest army with trillions of rounds of ammunition in the hands of 10s of millions of Americans. If there really was a threat against Washington DC, to the point where deployed active duty service soldiers were required. There’s not much that could be done to stop the absolute slaughter of every soldier in DC. Right about now someone listening to my voice is submitting a complaint to someone suggesting I’ve just incited violence. You know what I actually said the exact opposite. The soldiers being forced to stand guard by the Speaker of the House will not turn their weapons on American citizens for two reasons. First, because conservative Americans are not marching on DC. Second, because soldiers do not obey illegal orders. Of course, illegal because habeas corpus has not been suspended. You see, hey, vs. corpus is the right against executive extremism. President Biden would have to declare war on America and suspend all of our rights to unlawful imprisonment. So I say again, what is happening in Washington DC is political theater. The actors are the soldiers marching behind razor wire line fences. And the director of this production is speaker Nancy Pelosi. Will Civil War breakout. Most likely not but if it does, it will be a short war because I believe 70% of the soldiers serving in DC will refuse the order from their commanders and are more likely to arrest the commander in chief. The only play Democrats have is to turn Americans against one another. The National terrorism advisory system bulletin is the first step in a play to turn Americans against America to make Americans into a citizen police force checked us up to make everyday citizens the replacement for the police departments they’re currently calling to defund right in one breath AOC is calling to defund the police in favor of a new way of policing. In the next breath, she calls for Americans to report suspicious behavior, all while she hides behind 1000s of National Guard troops currently protecting the US Capitol. If you see something, say something you are looking Listening to conservatives guide to American politics. So I am saying something. Now it is your turn. share this episode with your friends and family ask them what is more likely, the National Guard is going to defend Congress against an attack, or that Congress is using soldiers to scare citizens into turning into a private police force. A portion of this program has been sponsored by Joe at f1 for help. I’ve been using Joe for my computer needs for over four years, and I have referred dozens of my friends and clients to jail for technical support. Keeping your computer safe is so very important. And Joe is very good at fixing and protecting your computer. Give him a call today at 208-687-0183. For the best in computer support. Most problems can be fixed remotely. But Joe also makes house calls in the north Idaho region f1 for help. Please support the companies that support this program.

This has been an episode of the conservatives guide to American politics. We hope you’ve gained new knowledge that helps you in your day to day struggle to navigate the minefield of liberal ideals. Please share this episode with your conservative friends and helps them gain the strength needed to face the progressive assault against America. The stance we take today will determine our future and the future for our children, like this podcast and help send a message to the progressives. stand proud of your conservative ideology. bring together your neighbors and look not for the shelter of silence. Speak your mind exercise your right to free speech, or one day the idea of America might only be a note in history.

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