Trading Liberty for Safety, the Agenda of Fear-Based Politics


Fear is an excellent people control method.  

It is used by police, “tell me what I need to know and you may serve less time in prison.”  

It is used by sleazy sales people, “you gotta act fast or this deal will disappear.”  

It is even used by government, “vote for democrats because republicans will throw granny off the cliff.”

Today’s version of crowd control choosen by the ruling complainers (right now the Democrats in Congress) is we can not open our country until the President can guarantee American’s safety from the COVID-19 virus.

This highlights the true enemy, belief that a political party can guarantee anything but despair.  OK, that might be too harsh, but in today’s episode I’ll explain my point and highlight a few things we all can do to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and return to the rugged American’s that ventured off to an unknown land, settled the west, and elected a billionaire business man President of the United States.

Why does fear work so well at controlling people?

Let’s start with the easy one.  The big guy in the bar with bulging arms, tattoos, and a bad attitude is very likely to pound you in to unconsciousness (or worse) for snapping some personal wisecrack about his woman.  So, the smart man bites his tongue and drinks his beer is silence.  Having never been in a barroom brawl, I am proud to say I didn’t have to experience this lesson first hand to know the facts.

Let’s get a little more difficult.  The Realtor telling you there is another couple looking at the house you want and they are working on an offer.  We need to get our bid in right away if you want any chance of getting the place.  The Reator is really threatening you to make a full price offer and make his job easier so he can collect the commission and move on to the next buyer.

True story.  When my wife and I were shopping for a house in Oregon, we decided to make an offer on a house we liked.  The seller’s Realtor made that exact threat to me when I made a less than full price offer.  What was my response?  I accepted fate.  I said, “OK, then you should take that other offer.  I’ll keep my offer as written and invite you to call me should the other fall through.”  Two days letter we got that phone call.

OK, let’s pour it on, just how deep can the fear get to force action?

”The American people have a constitutional right to free and fair elections. Forcing voters to choose between risking their lives and giving up that sacred right is anything but free and fair.”

– Speaker Nancy Pelosi, April 21, 2020

Here is another:

Nearly two months into the #coronavirus emergency, the absence of a coordinated national testing strategy and comprehensive response from the president is still costing lives. 

He has been a total failure when it comes to #TestingTestingTesting. That has to end – now.

– Speaker Nancy Pelosi, April 21, 2020

The first one is pressing the idea of voting by mail and the second is a twofer…President Trump must be defeated and testing for COVID-19 is the only path to our salvation.  Let’s me address the second one first.

Testing for the presence of COVID-19 is obsolete the moment the test results are read.  Tests has proven people can show negative for the virus and be a carrier who can infect others.  But Speaker Pelosi’s fear claim goes deeper, she is arguing the country does not have a national strategy for testing.  Running tests for 330 million people from Washington DC is just not possible—especially by a government bureaucracy.  Nancy knows this and thus she is setting up a straw-man argument to purposely conflate the issue.  She makes the argument the country can not be safe without testing and we all know the government can not test everyone…heck the government struggles to deliver mail and get trains to and fro on a time schedule.

I watch almost every ‘afternoon Presidential rally’ (otherwise called the Coronavirus Taskforce Briefing).  Yes, I said it, don’t get mad.  President Trump is no dummy.  He is getting two plus hours of free press every day, seven days a week, to parade his success for all of America to see.  Why else does CNN, MSNBC, and others protest airing them?  It is a brilliant move, but it is a Presidential rally and is otherwise called power of the pulpit.  Every President (ever) has used it to get re-elected.

In these briefings, I’ve seen a brilliant strategy laid out before the world.  Not only has the President put together an excellent strategy, he has marshaled resources no other President in the history of America would have thought to marshal.  Rather than decreeing rule from on high and assuming absolute power, our President forced Governors to lead the local effort.  The President enlisted hundreds of private companies to participate in the cause to find a cure.  Lastly, the President cleared federal obstacles standing in the way of progress in a manner, and to the result, no other President could.

But I digress, the idea of fear is powerful and Nancy is using the media’s willing complicity in the crime against moral decency.  But it gets worse…

It is one thing to put our lives in the incompetent hands of the government, but it is another to prevent Americans from having a say in which incompetent political party runs the country.  Calling in to question the safety of running a national election is the deepest of fear campaigns.  Nancy, again with complicity by the media, is selling the idea that free and fair elections are compromised because the safety of American’s voting  rights can not be guaranteed.  

Fear sells, but what are they selling?  What is the end game?  

What would you think if I told you it was a shell game, and act of deflection.  Like a magician performing a slight of hand trick, the goal is to get America looking overhear while the politicians take away our freedoms over there.  Don’t believe me?

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Here are a few things to watch for to know the ruling class are up to no good.

Guarded public places

When police officers are posted in public parks to prevent use of playground equipment, it is fair to conclude some constitutional rights are being violated.  New York has posted police in Central Park to prevent people from forming into groups.  Mothers are being arrested for allowing their children to play in playgrounds (like happened in Idaho).  New Jersey is fining people for entering public markets without face masks.  Drones are used to monitor people congregating.  Telephone and text hotlines are set up so American’s can report people violating the social distancing orders.

Is it a good idea to keep kids from playing on equipment that can hold the virus and allow its transmission?  After all these kids then bring this virus back home to grandma and continue the spread.  Is it not reasonable to demand a stop of the spread?  A sick grandma places an extra burden on public health resources and that care could be reserved for someone sick.  The argument is easy to follow, but let’s review the controlling document on this topic:

The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The US Constitution prevents the government from preventing assembly.  Stopping mom from making the choice to let her kids play in the playground is against the Constitution…and thus is against the law.  Using drones to monitor, and ultimately enforce, social distancing orders, is prohibited by the constitution.

Restriction of movement

In California police setup road blocks to stop drivers and check IDs.  If the parson did not have a valid reason for being on the road, they were warned and sent home.  If the drive refused, the threat of arrest and fine was used.

Limitation of speech for the well being of society

Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed last week and said Facebook was actively removing posts that promoted and helped organize stay-at-home protests.  OK, Facebook is a private company and honestly, they can do whatever they want with their business, right?  If the action is a violation of civil liberties, then private of not, business is not allowed to prohibit the act.  I need only point to a bakery in Portland Oregon to highlight the Progressives appetite for prosecuting businesses who violate civil liberties.  I don’t remember Mr Zuckerberg taking down posts organizing the Occupy Wall Street protests?

Still, this action is by a private company, certainly not an action of government.  Except the courts are not taking action to impose an injunction of the civil liberties violation.  Remember how fast the courts moved when President Trump shutdown travel to America from countries that support terrorism?  How about all the court injunctions against the border wall?  Defunding of Dreamer?  Heck, just about every executive order the President has signed has been challenged by the courts.  Including the President’s most recent action to stop all immigration into American to save jobs for American’s.  The Supreme Court just ruled on Saturday April 25th that the Presidents order can stand.

No action by the courts against obvious civil liberties violations is passive approval to the limitation of speech.  By Facebook being allowed to trample on civil liberties without being molested by the courts is a clear sign that someone in government is fine with the act.

I love this next one.

Prove you are immune to the virus

The idea is to make everyone test to prove they have had the virus before being allowed to return to society.  At least the idea doesn’t involve wearing a symbol on your clothing to identify those who are clean versus those who are dirty.

Some may argue folks like me on the right are calling for voter ID laws…full disclosure, I live in a state that requires I show ID to vote, but I digress.  What is the difference from requiring someone to show ID to prove they are immune from catching and spreading COVID-19?  Not much really…well, except that one is a protection of the US Constitution and the other violates civil rights.

Imagine if the American government had required everyone get tested for HIV before being allowed to have sexual intercourse with another person?  AIDS has killed more than 32 million people.  

Why not put a breathalyzer in every automobile in America and require you pass a sobriety test before your car is allowed to start?  Think how many drunk driving deaths we could prevent.  

Here is my favorite…require a body mass index measurement before being allowed to order fast food.  Too crazy?  More than 640,000 people die every year from heart disease.  Diabetes kills over 83,000 people every year.  

Laws are not made to prevent people from hurting one another, laws are made to punish those who do.

Something else to watch for from the ruling class.

Cleansing the scourge from the face of the earth

We all want to defeat the virus, but what about the people who are fighting for their constitutional rights?  That is the scourge I fear they referring to.  In last week’s episode, I highlighted a case in Idaho where a medical doctor suggested, in an opinion letter to the editor of a local paper, the idea that health resources be restricted from those officials who refuse to enforce the stay at home order.  While this notion hasn’t taken hold yet nationwide, I didn’t hear a media uprising over the suggestion.  Imagine how the media would react if a doctor suggested preventing women from choosing to have an abortion?  Oh, we don’t have to imagine, we see it in the headlines of every major news paper in America every time it happens.  Congress took action during this social distancing experiment where elective surgery (including joint replacement and cancer treatment) have been postponed while abortions were funded by the stimulus and deemed essential medical treatment.

In some parts of Europe, the idea of restricting health resources for those people who are young and not inflicted with a second immunological impediment is in play.  Now that I think of it, remember how the media reacted when Governor Palien suggested Obamacare would impose death panels?  She pointed out how limited healthcare resources would force hospitals to withhold limited resources from the sick—opting instead to allow them to die with dignity.  A friend of mine actually pointed out to me that most healthcare costs are used by old people in just the last few years of their life (suggesting there could be a savings in healthcare costs).  I pointed out the truth is most healthcare costs are used by sick and injured people—often just before they die.

Combatting the fear and ways we can take back control we’ve given to those we’ve elected

First we must remember the American system of government is created for the people and by the people…those who are drunk on power were once a commoner just like us and the power they wield comes from our willingness to allow them to rule.  Step one is to bring facts back into the discussion.  Example:

Death is not an avoidable option.  One can not even say death can be delayed.  How many fitness nuts have you heard about who dropped dead from a heart attack?  How many children have you heard about who die on the basketball court from a cardiac arrest…more than you probably know…hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the number one inherited cardiovascular disease and is estimated to affect as many as 1 in 500 people.  Why is this important?  Because that fat person might be fat for reasons that are out of their control.  In America your health is your private business and privacy is a civil right.  We would never require a fat person show an ID to buy ice cream, because it would violate their right to privacy…requiring we show an ID to prove immunity to COVID-19 is also a violation of privacy.

You need not stand around and argue with morons claiming Americans have a responsibility to prove they will not harm someone else…you just need only to stand firm and say no.  My right to privacy Trump’s your right to not be afraid.

Those of you who know me, know I say this next phrase a lot.  We don’t get to choose the first day or the last day of our life—we only get to choose how we live the days in the middle.  

In America we are promised the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Not immortality, safety from the actions of others, and rich prosperous success.  No, we are promised a life in which we choose how to live and even how we fail or die.  Climbing a mountain is a choice.  Skydiving is a choice.  Ignorance is a choice.  All three are equally dangerous, and yet Congress has not taken steps to outlaw them.

56 men, under the fear of retribution by the monarchy, snuck around to create a Declaration of Independence.  The opening reads:

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We all know the first sentence of the second paragraph, but some of you may not know the first paragraph.  Why?  Maybe because government has been granted charge over educating our children.  States are now declaring rule over the lessons your children must learn.  Parents are no longer consulted on books used in the lesson.  40 years ago parents served on content review boards.  I remember my dad going to the school and spending hours reviewing books…now that job is reserved for the so called experts—who just so happen to all be of one political persuasion.

People use to be able to look you in the eye and say politics had no sway in decisions…now they openly admit, it is for our own good.  Politicians now campaign on the harm and death that would be the result of their opponent winning the election.  Fear is the political weapon of choice.  Fear of saying the wrong thing.  Fear of associating with the wrong person.  Fear of wearing the wrong hat.  Fear of taking your children to the park.

King George used fear.  He killed people on the streets in view of the public.  Fear of death is a powerful motivator, but still they threw tea into the harbor.  If our founding fathers kowtowed to the fear, America would never have been.  Here is the saddest part of my conclusion…I believe most Democrats ruling our country today would have preferred Americans kowtowed to King George back in 1776.  But maybe that statement is unfair, it certainly does nothing to advance my conclusion: so I digress.

The British Army of 1776 was the most formidable army of the time.  The idea of standing against them was considered as idealistically stupid as one man standing before a tank in Tiananmen Square.  But history is written by those who stand up to insurmountable odds and demand, “you shall go no further!”

I am not suggesting we take up arms and march on Congress…although we should all thank the good graces we still have the right to own the means—different podcast.  No, my suggestion is only to the level of civil discourse and, if necessary, civil disobedience.  

The Progressives for 30 years have fought to control our language and for 30 episodes so far I’ve railed against that cause.  This Covid-19 situation has pushed things further to the left and the tyrants are showing their true colors.  If we do not stand up and be heard, then the next step Progressives take is tantamount to a scarlet letter showing approval for our readmittance to society.  Not long after might follow the notion of cleansing the scourge from the face of the earth.  In Germany that came in the form of box cars and gas chambers.  Too dramatic?

Allow me to remind us all:  

The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  

That is it for the first amendment…there is no pandemic clause—nowhere in the constitution.  As we learned last week, the Attorney General stated so.  Our Constitutional rights are not suspendible by automatic decree, but only under the most narrowest allowance clearly defined by the very instrument we must protect—The US Constitution.

Our government can ask for compliance.  They can legislate penalty for personal responsibility for harm brought by our non-compliance, but they can not restrict our actions.  Case and point.  Some moron always points out it is illegal to yell fire in a movie theater.  Yes, the law dictates consequence of harm caused by our personal action…that does not mean one can not yell fire in a crowed movie theater—if the building IS on fire, I sure as hell hope someone will warn others.

Standing up to police in a park is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater.  I will argue our country is on fire and someone must call for help.  The fire must be extinguished.

Take you place with your fellow Americans and stand up for the Constitution.  Hold your gun powder right now…now is not the time for violence.  Now is the time for civil discourse and loud protest.  Taking a mother off the play-ground in hand-cuffs while her children watch is only stoking the fires of fear.  Her children will forever have the mark of mom being frog marched off because she allowed them some time in the park.

It is time to re-open America.  It is time to let our children play once again in the park.  It is time for us all, in one voice, to scream FIRE.


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