The War on Religion in America


Today we’ll explore the blatant attack on America’s more cherished right, freedom of religion.  For heavens sake, America went to war for religious freedom, what are these governors thinking?  Well, as you’ll learn in today’s episode, they are thinking they have a mandate from their constituents, not just to restrict our 1st Amendment Right of Freedom to practice our religion, but possibly to limit access to healthcare options based on political belief.  In today’s episode we take a trip around the United States in a progressive montage of liberty stripping ideas, culminating in the most horrid of all ideas, the idea that political ideology disqualifies you for medical treatment.

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‘Your Rights Are Suspended’: Mississippi Policeman Tells Pastor Organizing Drive-in Service

A police officer from a Mississippi city told a pastor who was preparing a drive-in service on Thursday that his rights were suspended because of an order from the mayor.

In a video live-streamed by Pastor Charles Hamilton Jr. before the planned 6:30 p.m. drive-in service at King James Bible Baptist Church in the City of Greenville, around 10 police cars could be seen parked along the pavement leading to the church carpark.

A policeman explained to Hamilton that they came to show the people attending the service “a form of warning.” The police would let attendees go without a ticket if they read the warning and leave on their own accord.

“All church buildings will be closed for in-person and drive-in church services, until the State of Mississippi’s ‘Shelter In Place’ Executive Order No. 1466 is lifted by Governor Tate Reeves,” the executive order reads.

Crazy to think there is a war on Christians…right?  This is just a health scare and churches can be breeding grounds for pandemics.  A place where lots of people gather in close proximity for an hour or so would just allow this dangerous virus to jump from person to person.  This must be stopped.  Right?

COVID-19 Lockdowns Deemed Illegal By La. Church

In recent days, pastor Tony Spell of the Life Tabernacle Church in Louisiana has faced a threat of arrest and trial for continuing to hold church services in defiance of statewide ‘stay-at-home’ order. Despite such restrictions citing concerns of public health, Pastor Spell said lockdowns are unconstitutional.

“We do not believe the governor’s order is legal because both the federal Constitution and the state Constitution protect our right of free exercise and our right to peacefully assemble for that purpose,” he stated.

Any decent, level headed American could accept the idea of safety for the greater good however; Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

In the face of incredible fear, we’ll do anything to protect the ones we love.  That reaction is quiet normal.  Get your family out of danger and then figure out the law.  Right?

Pastor arrested for violating rules amid virus outbreak

TAMPA, Fla. — Florida officials have arrested the pastor of a megachurch after detectives say he held two Sunday services with hundreds of people and violated a safer-at-home order in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

According to jail records, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne turned himself in to authorities Monday afternoon in Hernando County, where he lives. He was charged with unlawful assembly and violation of a public health emergency order. Bail was set at $500, according to the jail’s website.

Arresting pastors makes total sense when the public has given up rights to combat this virus.  Of course, next week I’ll explore how Washington, Oregon, and California have released thousands of non-violent criminals to protect from the spread of the coronavirus…but personal responsibility for disobeying the state must be charged.  Lock-up the pastors who violate state’s laws.

Unless maybe someone declares their city a sanctuary city?  Then disobeying laws is ok, right?

In Louisville, Kentucky, Mayor Greg Fischer prohibited residents from attending drive-thru services in churches’ parking lots during the Holy Week.  In a completed unrelated note, Mayor Fischer is a registered democrat.  Not sure why I even mentioned that, it obviously has absolutely no bearing on this care.

Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky wrote a letter to The Honorable Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville.

“The public health and economic crises caused by COVID-19 have presented unprecedented challenges for state and local officials.  I am committee to working with you to protect the health and welfare of our constituents in Louisville.

During any crisis, it is important that we continue to respect and protect the constitutional rights of our citizens.  I write to you today to urge you to do everything you can to protect one of the the rights dearest to our shared constituents—the right to freely exercise their religion.”

The Senator points out that prohibiting Christian Churchs from holding drive-in services is stands alone in such decrees.  He notes there are no similar “wholesale bans on gatherings of people in vehicles for commercial purposes—including large, heavily trafficked retail operations, grocery stores, and many others.”

The Senator continued:

“The Supreme Court has repeatedly made clear that the First Amendment prohibits the government from singling out people and businesses for disfavored treatment merely because they are religious.”

Is this officially a war on religion or should it just be titled war on Christians?  I guess we’ll find out next week when Islam celebrates their Holy period of Ramadan.  Dear Mr Fischer, we will be watching.


Constitutional Rights Do Not Disappear During a Pandemic, Says DOJ

‘Religious institutions must not be singled out for special burdens’

There is no pandemic exception … to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards,” the DOJ said. “Indeed, ‘individual rights secured by the Constitution do not disappear during a public health crisis.’  These individual rights, including the protections in the Bill of Rights made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, are always in force and restrain government action…

After the big scare, once we know the pandemic is not as bad as originally predicted, cooler heads will prevail.  The need for the DOJ to make the above statement was really just a formality.  States are naturally loosing restrictions and people are calming down…right?

Louisville police officers to record license plate numbers of Easter weekend churchgoers

Noting license plate numbers of cars in church parking lots during Easter services was argued as a time saver step.  Should one of the church goers contract the virus, then the state would know who else to quarantine.  Seems reasonable, right?  I wonder how many other time saving things we can do.  

How about noting license plate numbers of cars out front of liquor stores, that could help save on drunk driving deaths…

Maybe we could note down license plate numbers of cars outside fast food restaurants, we could cut back on health care coverage and save a ton of money…

How about we note license plate numbers of cars parked at popular cliffs where people rock climb.  That is a very dangerous sport and the cost of saving someone who falls in an accident take critical care away from other people who didn’t take such risks.

OK, that last one is way out there…nobody would really suggest healthcare resources be limited based on personal choices.  Right?

Open Letter To Idaho Sheriff

In an open letter published in the opinion section of a small newspaper in Bonner County Idaho, a licensed MD wrote the following:

“Because you believe that the stay-at-home order is unlawful (which it is not, under state of emergency), and more importantly, have used your public office to encourage others to violate the order, you have put law-abiding citizens, and health care workers at increased risk of infection, hospitalization and death.”

I’ll insert a little commissary here…it is interesting to note an MD is telling a law enforcement official the correct way to interpret the constitution.  It is ok to disagree, but this doctor takes disagreement a little further…

“I realize that the pandemic is not much of a concern to those uneducated people who believe this threat is a “hoax” or “overblown,” but I want you to know that in the unlikely but possible event that either you or Sheriff Wheeler contract the coronavirus, and in the less likely event that you will require hospitalization, and even less likely but possible event that you would require a ventilator, that I, and all of my co-workers take comfort in knowing that, because of your behavior, you have essentially relinquished your claim to any of these potentially scare resources. It’s probably for the better that a ventilator go to a health care provider anyway…”


Sheriff Wheeler of Bonner County Idaho (a city just 40 miles north of me) questioned the stay-at-home order from the Governor and refused to impose what he considered an unconstitutional order.  For the apparent crime of erring on the side of freedom and liberty, a doctor is suggesting that medical treatment be with-held from the sheriff of Bonner County.  This is the most slippery of slopes.  What is next, withholding limited medical resources to someone overweight?  How about restricting access to healthcare for alcoholics?  Are Progressives so callous as to suggest one decision justifies the other?  Does not his hippocratic oath dictate do no harm?  

How many times have we heard the progressives attack Christians for separation of church and state.  Article I of the constitution reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nowhere in the constitution does it say, except during times of viral pandemic.  While there have been times in our nations history when people’s freedoms were abridged through state sponsor…WWI, WWII, 9/11 are a few examples.  Those cases at least feel in line with Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution:  

The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.  

Does that exception mean during times of national pandemic?  Maybe.  American’s rights were abridged after 9/11.  The argument of invasion appeared obvious and thus we didn’t fret long lines at airports, indecent pat downs by TSA agents and armed soldiers on street corners.  But is it right in this case?

When it seems America would lose millions of citizens to an invisible virus, the idea of hunkering down and applying social distancing seemed reasonable.  However, as the DOJ has stated, our rights are never suspended.  Does the state then have absolute power to restrict our movement and our ability to congregate in spirit of worship?  I don’t think so.

Now on a volunteer basis, self isolation, issuing state sponsored guidelines, the idea of social distancing all seem very reasonable.  But limited commerce, restricted exercise of religion, and threatened retribution for disagreement crosses a line I believe our founder father warned us about.

For a doctor to suggest withholding medical treatment for the crime of disagreeing with a political stance is beyond the pale.  For pastors to be arrested for freely exercising their religion—even during times of national pandemic—is beyond the pale.

Has our society completely devolved to the point where we blindly follow the whims of the ruling class?  Progressives has sought the complete transformation of America to one where the government is looked to for all decisions.  They’ve worked to control our language, limit our ability to protect ourselves, and utter the phrase Merry Christmas…are we now going to let them limit our access to faith and healthcare resources?  Are we going to sit by and allow our liberties to be trampled?

During WWII FDR interned Japanese Americans out of fear of potential invasion.  COVID-19 and the fear of Armageddon level death has convinced the government to intern us all.  Sure, we could go to the grocery store and to pick-up take out food.  But now Progressive governments and politicians and grabbing for more restrictions.

We must stand together and tell our leaders no further.  You may not take anymore of our rights.  We will not allow it.

We must stand together against those who threaten retribution for the crime of disagreeing with the ruling class.  

We must stand together and re-open our country, because I truly believe the progressive agenda seeks to use fear to completely destroy America and then rebuild from the ground up.  

If you are like me, one who has a compromised immune system, then keep your distance until such time as our medical experts have developed a vaccine.  Go about your life and continue being Americans.  Without America, the world is doomed.  Without America, humanity is doomed.  Without conservatives, America is doomed.


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