The Democrats Bring HOPE for Conservatives


Reviewing back over my previous 15 episodes, one could conclude I have a doom and gloom type attitude.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  The fact is, I am very HOPEFUL for the future of America.  The one thing I have learned in my more than 5 decades as a conservative American, if you keep the Democrats talking long enough, they will hang themselves!  Cue the Jeffery Epstein joke here.

OK, that joke was kind of crass…after all, we all know Jeffery didn’t hang himself.

Since the early 70’s, Progressives have been working to take over the English language.  They’ve approached the process kind of like how a master of ceremonies does when working a room.  You start with softballs, then gradually push the envelope until you find the point where the audience groans, and then pull it back a little.  You see this approach in everything the Progressives have targeted, save the trees, save the whales, legalization of drugs, gun control, religion in the central square, their views on conservatism.

They start small…like they bemoan how trees are the lungs of the planet and we should not cut them all down.  It makes total sense.  Then they said old-growth forests were critical because they process CO2 conversion better than young trees.  They got paper bags banned and implemented expensive recycling programs across our nation.  Again, not a bad idea, trees are good and thus conservatives went along with the game—or at least we thought if we give them these little things, maybe they’ll be happy and shut-up.

They did the same thing with education…our nation, being the greatest on planet earth, should have the greatest education system.  Makes sense—never mind we already did have the greatest education system, but Progressives bitched and moaned and we gave in.  Now Progressives write the books, control the school boards, dictate the budgets and crazy ideas like common core and sexual reassignment surgery are forced on our children.  

The Progressive elites can be counted on to over push the envelope, get everyone mad, and eventually blow-up their cause.  For example, the tree effort lead to plastic bags and plastic straws.  40 years later the Progressives target plastic and thus we are going back to paper—well, sort of, but that is a different podcast episode.  Common core was proven to be so stupid, that schools are dumping it and going back to the three R’s.  Hard as it is to believe, the Progressive effort to take over our political system will also eventually fail.

The Progressive nature demands things always change.  They derive power from change.  If people become comfortable, then progressing is no longer important, donations to the cause decrease and Progressive politicians stop getting elected. 

About twenty-five years ago the Progressives targeted speech as the new political battleground.  They tested the waters in the 70’s, but political correctness was more satire on shows like Laugh-in and All in the Family.  Some argue Allan Bloom’s 1987 book The Closing of the American Mind was the official start of the political correctness movement and maybe it was…my point is not about when it started, but why it started.

In 1971 Saul Alinsky wrote his book Rules for Radicals.  The book gain popularity throughout the 70’s and early 80’s in the American college system.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s, those students who fell in love with Mr Alinsky’s ideas started going into politics.  The most powerful weapon of the Radical (as I covered in a previous episode) is ridiculed.  Changing the social norms of race in America was the perfect breeding ground for political correctness, again because conservatives agreed all people should be treated the same.  Never-mind it was conservatives fighting to end slavery…different podcast episode.  The Progressives globe onto race for the launch of political correctness.  Change the language and then call out your political opponent for using the wrong word and debasing an entire race of people.  Now your opponent can not talk about the issues important to them, they are forced to talk about the narrative as the Progressives set it.

While President Regan was winning the hearts and minds of Blue Dog Democrats, the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party was working hard to sew seeds of doubt in the English language.  When President Bush uttered those famous words, “Read my lips, no new taxes” and then broke his promise…the Progressives had all the ammunition they needed to gain a foothold in every day American discourse.  Every late-night comedian and up and coming politicians ridiculed every conservative in America and so began the change of political tides.

OK, I promised this podcast was about HOPE.  Hope is a positive motivational state that is based on an interactively derived sense of success.  The Acronym HOPE stands for Healthy, Optimistic, Positive, Experience.  So far that does not describe the first half of this podcast.  But I shared that doom and gloom with you to set the stage for where we are.

Political movements never standstill.  The term Progressive demands ever-changing…we covered that just a few minutes ago.  The men and women who took America by storm in the late 80’s and early 90’s are now closing in on retirement in their Political careers.  The new batch of politicians who’ve drunk the cool-aide and having to fight for power against the very people who took it from Conservatives.  The manner by which the new Progressives are taking power from the old Progressives is exactly the same as how the Old Progressives took it from Conservatives.  They are using political correctness and the American language along with Ridicule.  Mr. Alinsky strikes again, but as you’ll hear in a moment, his words this time are striking his own movement.

On December 1, 2019; Peter Bledoe wrote an article for The Hill entitled Bloomberg can’t win, but he could help reelect Trump.  In his article, the author refers to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as extremists who will peel votes away from the candidate most likely to beat President Trump, Joe Biden.  The author’s main worry is that no clear leader is identified before the convention and that would leave money to be the big influencer.  More on this idea in a moment.

President Obama took the helm of the Democratic Party when he won the Presidency—much to the chagrin of the Clinton’s.  Candidate Obama’s rally cry for HOPE and Change won the hearts and minds of the Progressive movement.  On November 24, 2019, Giancarlo Sopo wrote an article for The Blaze titled Barack Obama is a ‘conservative’ compared to today’s ‘radical’ Democrats, says Washington Post.  The author references an opinion piece published by the Washington Post editor David Swerdlick in which he argues President Obama was actually, at his core, a conservative.  Based on how Progressives label conservatives these days, this is a slam.  Sure he gives credit for Obama supporting big government, LGBT issues, and liberal judges, but President Obama, in the opinion of the Washington Post, did not go far enough.

My favorite article was written by Alanna Vagianos on December 3, 2019 for the Huffington Post titled “With Kamala Harris Out, Democrats’ Leading President Candidates Are All White.”  The opening sentence of the article “what started out as the most diverse field of Democratic presidential candidates in history is quickly becoming a glaringly white one.”  The author quoted Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, “The country has a lot of healing to do right now, especially in the wake of Harris’ departure from the 2020 contest.”  Aimee Allison, founder of She the People, told Huffington Post “As a black woman, Sen. Harris had to work twice as hard for half the reward.”

These three articles highlight the division among the Progressive ranks and how each is using language to bludgeon the other.  Right now, the political correctness battle is D on D.  Rich versus poor, conservative versus liberal, black versus white—I could have brought in twenty more articles where gay versus straight, homeless versus corporations, main street versus wall street.  Everywhere one turns, the Progressive class is fighting themselves using the very same tactics that have so bloodied the American system of governance.  

Seeing this in-fighting is the reason I have HOPE for the future.  Going back to my college debates days when I was one of only three conservatives in a poly-science classroom full of liberals…the stated reason by my classmates for supporting Bill Clinton was they wanted to support a winner.  To the Progressive, principals take a back seat to winning.  Power is derived from victory and from power comes money.  Greed drives the Progressive party and arguments about electability are a direct derivative of greed.  Sure, fighting for equal rights could be interpreted as a principled stance, but listen closely to the argument being made—it is not for the sake of equal rights but as justification as to why one candidate is more electable than the other.

The likes of AOC and the Squad of Four are taking the Democratic Party off their normal game.  In elections past the Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the National Committee took everyone in the backroom and scolded them to not attack one another.  As a result, Democrats came out of the Primary pretty much unscathed, with the scored earth approach shown by AOC, this democratic primary is very likely to be compared to a Rocky movie…a winner will be determined, but they’ll be beaten to a bloody pulp.

As I do with every episode…what should the common-sense conservative do with all this?  Simple, engage your liberal friends and ask their opinion on how they feel that the Democratic field is comprised mostly of rich white people?  Or do you find yourself sad that the black candidates running for President are being ignored by the Democratic Party?  Rule four of Rules for Radicals, Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.  While it is sad to consider fellow Americans as the enemy, Progressives are enemies of America and thus must be challenged.


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