The American Media Is More Interested In Silencing Critics Than Helping Mankind


Climate change is a topic off-limits.  If you question the science presented by our politician’s, then you are attacked.  No more questions allowed, shut-up and obey!  We’ve heard that argument many many times…heck, it might be correct—I’ll address it in a few minutes.  However, since the progressive left gained footing with the media holding to the idea that the science is settled, they ventured into new political territory seeking the same reaction.  If they could get main stream media to agree to silencing climate change critics, could they get the media to provide cover on other, more politically charged ideas?  For example, police are hunting down and killing black people, conservatives support mass shootings, COVID-19 does not come from China, and President Trump lies about everything…in today’s episode, we’ll explore these tactics and help arm you with facts and data you can use to defend yourself against the liberal onslaught of negativity.

I also touch on the passing of RBG and the response from the media…again different opinions must be silenced!


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