Supreme Court And The Impact On Everyday America


I suspect most American’s have little concern with who is nominated to the US Supreme Court. If you ask 10 American’s to name all nine justices that maybe 1 in 10 could name more than just a few. Since politicians are elected by majority vote, why then are the Democrats going all out to attack people a republican nominates for the court? OK, that is a rhetorical question because the answer is simple…Democrats choose to legislate from the Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade proved the court could enact laws politicians are too afraid the write. So, in short, Democrats are worry about conservatives on the Supreme Court because that takes away their most powerful legislative branch of government. In today’s episode, we’ll avoid the normal accolades deserved by someone like Judge Barret and instead focus on the process and the media’s failure to perform their constitutional duty.

I also touch briefly on President Trump contracting COVID-19 and what that means to Democrats and what we, as conservatives, should do about it.


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