State of the Union 2020


In today’s episode, I present parts of the President’s State of the Union address along with the Democrat’s response.  I highlight the hate from the left and discuss the charge leveled by the left that the President lied during his address on Tuesday.  Lastly, I present a challenge to all Americans to get out and vote.

  • Democrats did not applaud for any of the aforementioned.
  • Democrats call what the President said lies.

Rep Clark – The President’s words were mostly fiction

Here are the listed accomplishments from, if they are lies, then they are printed on a public resource and subject to prosecution.  I don’t recall seeing the charge of lying to the American people in the Impeachment charges.

  • Almost 4 million jobs created since election
  • More Americans are now employed than ever recorded in history
  • Created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs…

Remember when President Obama said manufacturing jobs would never return and that we needed to embrace a modern clean based economy.  President Obama joked “What magic wand will he wave…”

  • Manufacturing jobs growing at the faster rate in three decades
  • New unemployment claims hit 49 year low
  • Median household income highest level ever recorded
  • African-American unemployment lowest rate ever
  • Hispanic-American unemployment lowest rate ever
  • Asian-America unemployment lowest ever
  • Women’s unemployment lowest in 65 years
  • Youth unemployment lowest in nearly 50 years
  • Lowest unemployment rate for Americans without a high school diploma ever
  • Lowest unemployment rate for veterans in nearly 20 years

In the area of wages and employment, the facts are the facts…President Trump is the greatest leader this country has ever had.  But his accomplishments go on:

  • Record number of regulations eliminated

This is one the democrats hate, but this, the experts point to, as the reason why unemployment is so low.  Regulations were killing America. The social experiment of the Progressives is proven as a failed idea. Regulations enacted by previous administrations (left and right) were chocking American prosperity.

  • Secured right-to-try legislation

Now people with terminal illnesses can try drugs not yet approved by the FDA.  Potentially life-saving drugs that have not yet completed the decade long government required approval process can be used by patients facing certain death.

Something near and dear to my heart, as a veteran:

  • Signed VA-Choice Act and VA Accountability Act

This means me and the millions of other veterans using the VA system have expanded access to telehealth services, walk-in clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.

Here are a few more accomplishments:

  • Took America off the dependency on middle-eastern oil.

American can no longer be held hostage by OPEC.  Countries that hate America can no longer use oil price-fixing to hurt Americans and influence political direction.

The President also:

  • Moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem

The importance of this move is completely ignored by the press.  Every President since Regan promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal, but only President Trump did it.  Why is that important?

Our President has kicked the hell out of our enemies and set a tone with the rest of the world that America will no longer be a punk to kick around.  The President:

  • Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban – upheld by the Supreme Court
  • Killed the Irian leader who orchestrated attacks on our troops
  • Killed the head of the ISIS Califate
  • Imposed tariffs on China and forced them to the negotiating table
  • Through tariffs, rebuilt the American steel industry
  • Fought congress to secure funding to finally build a wall between the US and Mexico

The list on is massive and I could read line by line for almost an hour.  In just three years, President Trump has accomplished more than every other President did in eight years.  It is ok to dislike what the President has done, but to call his remarks at the State of the Union lies…that is inexcusable.

SOTU Wrap-up

In the end, I believe President Trump will be re-elected by a wide margin and go down in history as the greatest President America has ever had.  Furthermore, I believe President Trump will change the way future presidents govern and lead. If President Trump perfect? No, only God was perfect.  But do his word justify throwing decorum out the window and making a public spectacle of tearing up his speech on nationally broadcast television?

Rep Hoyer – Tearing the card is free speech

The Democrats refuse to give our President a chance.  They lost in 2016 and that is an inexcusable crime to the Progressive agenda.

Speaker Pelosi “He will not be acquitted…”

As conservatives.  It is our job to support common-sense ideas.  This year, more than any previous year in American history, getting out to vote is most critical.  At this point, we don’t know who President Trump will face in the election, but it doesn’t matter…we can not stay home.  In last week’s episode, I highlighted how just 17% of the potential voters passed the craziest law that is now impacting crime throughout the United States.  It is our civic duty to vote. The left has beat us into silence with their charges of political correctness. I say no more. Just as Rep Hoyer said tearing up the President’s speech is an act of freedom of speech, so do we have the right to say BULLSHIT to the Progressive ideas.


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