Is a trade war with China patriotic or economic?


What is more important to the progressive liberal, low price goods, human rights, or saving the planet?  

For American workers, liberals take to the streets to demand higher, “living wages.”  They shut down freeways, break business windows, march on Washington, and pour millions of dollars into political campaigns for those who support their living wage idea. 

Progressives also champion saving the planet from man-made disaster.  Plastic, coal, cow farts, and oil are just a few of the things liberals have identified as causes for man-made climate change.  Those Democrats running for President have also presented policies they would implement to restrict American’s use of all four.  Liberals again march in the street, vandalize property, and donate millions of dollars to help democrats get elected to office.

The left bemoan the plight of 3rd world countries and how capitalism takes advantage of the labor pool.  Liberals demand American borders be opened to refugees from Mexico and beyond and pledge to provide free education, healthcare, food and housing.  Again, liberals call anyone who disagrees a racist, march on streets, and donate millions of dollars to politics and support sanctuary cities and open borders.

In all three examples, liberals would impose restrictions on Americans ; forcing businesses to pay higher wages for labor, limiting access to natural resources, and forcing more non-tax paying burden on the system.  Interesting to note, the left and liberal media also bemoan the increased costs American’s must bare for President Trump’s trade war with China.

Liberals don’t seem to care about Chinese workers and their rights to a living wage.

Liberals don’t seem to care about Chinese generated, planet-killing use of plastic, coal, cow farts, and oil.

Liberals don’t seem to care about China’s refusal to take refugees or provide health services for the worlds impoverished.

Liberals really only seem to care that a cell phone, computer, or pair of shoes cost more because of US imposed tariffs.  Rather than why China sourced cell phones, computers and shoes are less expensive.

As a common sense conservative, you already know slave level wages paid by Chinese companies make it possible for goods from China to cost less.

As a common sense conservative, you already know non-existent environmental restrictions on Chinese factories make it possible for goods from China to cost less.

As a common sense conservative, you already know not forcing Chinese companies to cover higher healthcare cost burdens for large numbers of low-skilled immigrants make it possible for goods from China to cost less.

Why does the ire for planet killing products, racist immigrant practices, and low wages end at the American border?  Is the left really more concerned over more expensive goods, or could they really be worried President Trump’s approach will work?  

As a child, I was very skinny and not very athletic, however I was smart and musically talented.  My smarts and musician gift made me a target for those boys who felt picking on the runt would make them stronger.  Everyday I would get pushed, tripped, and punched.  My lunch would be smashed, my homework and books taken and every minute of the say it seemed I was teased and called names.  Complaining to teachers didn’t help because back then bullies just got a slap on the wrist and I was told to toughen up.  If fact, my complaining just made the bullies want to abuse me more.  It was my dad that taught me how to stop someone from bulling me…he taught me to “punch them in the nose as hard as I could.”

Looking at how China behaves, it is not unreasonable to compare them to bullies.  They push American companies around and make unreasonable demands.  The tease of a billion Chinese consumers is too great for capitalists to pass up.  The Chinese government demands American companies turn over intellectual property in order to have access to the Chinese markets.  The Chinese government taxes American companies on profits they make in the Chinese markets. China acts like a bully who is extorting lunch money from weaker kids.  When American business complained, our government slap China on the wrists and told Americans to toughen up.

America now has a President who believes bullies deserve a hard punch to the nose.  Putting tariffs on Chinese goods coming into America greatly impacts the Chinese economy.  How?  Higher costs to importing goods into America means manufactures will have less incentive to manufacture goods in China.  If manufacturers leave China, the ability to extort profits drops for decades.  China looses its’ influence over commerce and the ability to keep up with inflation.  Why?  Because China has been purposely keeping their currency low against the dollar.  A low yen against the dollar means financing the government on US currency provides a financial bonus to the gross domestic product.  Since America companies trade in the American dollar, the Chinese government gains the benefit of currency conversion.  American dollars buy more Chinese yen.  Without the American dollar supporting the government’s economic endeavors, then they will be forced to trade on their own currency.  Trading on their own currency will force the Chinese economy to experience rapid inflation.  With more than one billion people to feed, see the price of rice, soy beans, wheat, and corn increase will bankrupt their system.  While American’s will experience a higher cost for goods that use to be sourced in China, an argument should be made that it is better for America that American’s pay for local goods.

OK, that last part was a bit confusing and makes no sense on a show that is about how conservatives should deal with American politics: so let’s bring it home.

The top 10 Chinese imported products are:

#10 – Vehicles (excluding rail)

#9 – Iron, steel

#8 – Plastics & articles thereof

#7 – Apparel, not knitted or crocheted

#6 – Apparel, knitted or crocheted

#5 – Footwear & parts thereof

#4 – Furniture

#3 – Toys, games, & sports equipment

#2 – Power generation equipment

#1 – Electrical machinery and equipment

Items #1, #2 & #9 are not consumer goods and thus require a different podcast to explore.  The other goods are consumer goods

To help us understand the cost to American’s versus the Chinese government, let’s look at footwear.  The value of the footwear market to China is $18.6 billion for rubber footwear and $16 billion for leather footwear.  The average price for a shoe in America is $75.  Adding  18.6 and 16 together we get $34.6 billion.  Divide that by 75 and we get 461.3 million pairs of shoes sold each year to America.  There are estimated to be 330 million people in America, so that means we buy 1.4 pair of shoes per year per American.

The tariff President Trump imposed on footwear’s far, is 25%.  That means the average price for a shoe will jump $18.75.  Instead of paying $105 a year for shoes, American’s will spend $131.25 a year on shoes.  The increased $26.25 is a real cost, but that money get’s added to the American economy.  You see, charging China a tariff means we are taxing China goods coming to America.  That translates into an additional $8.6 billion dollars to the American economy.

At that price, Americans might choose to purchase fewer pairs of shoes per year, or look for less expensive alternatives.  This means the tariff is encouraging American’s to alter behavior or provide more financial support to America.  Does not both options fit with-in the liberals goals?  Spending less money on shoes means fewer shoes need to be manufactured.  Fewer shoes manufactured means less planet-killing natural resources burned.  Is that not the goal of the left?  Is not increasing prices for energy the plan the left uses to decrease burning of fossil fuels?  President Obama said it many many times…”my plan of a cap and trade system would necessarily make energy prices skyrocket.”

The left wants to provide free services to immigrants and America takes in more immigrants than any other nation.  Adding $8.6 billion to our national bank account can only help.  Why wouldn’t liberals celebrate this?

In each of the consumer categories above we could repeat this exercise. With simple Google searches we can discover the actual cost American’s would incur because of new tariffs on China, the point of this podcast is not the actual dollar amount, but what that increased price means to America.

I asked at the beginning, is a trade war with China patriotic or economic?  A few thousands words later, my answer is both;  forcing China to play fair or pay an additional tax is economic patriotism.  Just like the buy American campaign of the 70’s, President Trump’s trade war with China is forcing American’s to put their country first.  If we expect to pay American’s a living wage, then we must be prepared to pay a fair price for the goods.  If we expect America to bare the cost of saving the planet, then we should provide world changing leadership to inspire the worse environmental offenders to clean up their act.

As a conservative, reach across the aisle and invite your liberal friends to save the planet while generating a living wage—buy American!


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