If They Can Take Away The 1st Amendment, They Will Take Away The 2nd


Murders in Chicago increased more than 50% in 2020.  This in the face of strict shut downs and the toughest gun laws in America.  So taking their typical victory lap, the Democrats have introduced H.R. 127, the bill the seize and freeze your constitutional right to defend yourself.  Today’s we’ll compare and contrast the anti-constitution effort put forth by the Democrats in DC.

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Welcome to the conservatives guide to American politics. My name is Ed Bejarana. And I am an otherwise happy go lucky conservative who enjoys life in North Idaho with his wife and two golden retrievers. For all intents and purposes, I keep to myself and think your folks should live and let live, you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But I am frustrated watching the news. All I really tune in to see is the weather and maybe some local interest stories. But most of what they show me is their political biases socialistic tendencies, the American media is no longer neutral. Instead, they use their megaphone to influence political power. The ideals of America have been hijacked by people who otherwise dislike or hate American ideology. I started this podcast as my way to fight back from my little slice of American politics, a rallying cry for other common sense conservatives to arm themselves against the onslaught of negativity. It is time the America hating progressives hear from the silent majority. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be heard.

Today’s episode is going to be a compare and contrast between Chicago and hr 127. A bill currently being reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee, House Judiciary, who just did that’s such a hard word for me. I get so tongue tied. It’s in the House of Representatives. Honestly, I could have picked any democrat run city to make this comparison. But Chicago has a special distinction in this discussion. You see right now, gun laws in Chicago are the strictest in America. Democrats often point to Chicago as a model for America. A model that I am sure helped form the new gun control legislation being considered by Congress right now. Will the bill go anywhere? Well, that is not the topic of today’s episode. Rather, I am highlighting how democrats think and more importantly, what we can do about it. But first, let’s read through an article published in the Chicago Sun Times on December 30 2020. Says written by the editorial board of the newspaper titled behind the grim numbers on Chicago gun violence in 2020. Our city will not curb gun violence and bring down the numbers of murders without addressing the root causes of violence, which have been made worse by COVID-19 economic and social upheaval. a record year for murders is a wake up call to address the root causes of gun violence. The editorial board writes. As 2020 draws to a close, Chicago has reached a grim milestone of 766 homicides, the highest number since 778 murders in 2016. Chicago is not the only American city to experience a dramatic and sobering uptick in gun violence this year, fueled by the social and economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic in New York City homicides have soared 39% since last year in Los Angeles 30% in St. Louis 35%. The list goes on adding up to a 34% increase in murders nationwide since last year. Data from the National Commission on COVID-19 and criminal justice shows other numbers in Chicago are also markedly higher than a year ago. 4115 people shot 11,280 illegal guns seized 7236 gun arrests, but this is not an editorial about the grim numbers on gun violence. This is about the story behind the numbers, which is that many if not most of those crimes were probably committed by someone who was desperate, depressed, unemployed, undereducated, addicted to drugs and alcohol poorly raised or maybe all of the above. Let’s be clear here, nobody’s offering excuses for those who murder or engage in other forms of violence. Those who commit violent crimes must pay up just price for the harm they have caused. Public Safety must be our first priority. Some of the increase in murders to likely stemmed from mundane reasons related to the pandemic tempers rising between roommates who’ve been cooped up in close quarters too long during lockdowns or an escalation of a domestic violence incident but Over the long term, over years, decades and generations, Chicago will quell the violence only if it does far more to address the root causes of violence made so glaringly obvious in this year of the pandemic, an unprecedented crisis, there’s always been an urgent need to address root causes as jen ludewig of the University of Chicago Crime Lab told us, but when you have a once in 100 year public health and economic crisis, it highlights the needs for a root cause push of a sort that nobody has seen before. among young adults aged 18 to 24 very group most likely to become involved in gun violence. The pandemic has taken a steep toll log which points out take Mental Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey from June found it 41% of adults reported experiencing anxiety, depression, substance abuse or other mental health issues since the pandemic, the percentage rose to 50% or above among young adults aged 18 to 24. African Americans, Latinos, those with less than a high school diploma and essential workers, one in four young adults have considered suicide within the past 30 days. Who could be surprised that we have a gun violence epidemic in the presence of a mental health epidemic like this last week said, job loss two has been far higher among young people since COVID-19. I don’t think we are fully appreciate the magnitude of the economic crisis we’re in the midst of right now, especially for young people look weak, says a foundation for anti violence work post pandemic, it will take a massive effort starting at the federal liberals with another major stimulus package to knit together a social safety net that ensures adequate mental health care, quality education, jobs, and other resources for every American. America has done it before. With the new deal that got us out of the Great Depression, we can do it again and lay a foundation for curbing violence in the process. Meanwhile, for the talk of defunding the police to attrition traditional crime fighting strategies remain essential through with a more society responsive emphasis.

Chicago police Superintendent Dave Brown has vowed to make policing more effective by emphasizing community policing efforts such as getting officers involved in food pantry giveaways, youth activities and other neighborhood projects. We favor that approach good policing depends on good relationships between officers and the communities they serve. We hope to see the effect ramp up significantly post COVID. The same goes for anti violence street outreach work, another vital tool that’s being hampered by the pandemic. But as the city’s sweeping anti violence plan makes clear, those approaches alone won’t work. Put simply without addressing the root causes of disinvestment, poverty and inequitable social policies. The plan reads Chicago’s violence reduction efforts will fail. The proof is in the pandemic, the big cities across the country where homicide rates are way up. For one reason Above all, more people are struggling, hurting, alienated and lost. Okay, I know you could have read the article, but I read it in its entirety for a very specific reason. Notice nowhere in the article written by the editorial board of the very liberal newspaper did gun control measures get measured mentioned? Not once. The article actually reads more like an excuse for the violence more like a claim that systemic racism is at fault. Oops, that’s not fair be systemic racism wasn’t mentioned either. We’ll be addressing this issue several times over the next several weeks, not because gun control is important. But because the US Constitution is guarded by our ability to defend ourselves against government sponsored tyranny. Before going too much further, I’d like to highlight a few parts of HR 127 for this episode’s discussion. Now note, it’s about 2000 words long, right? Actually, I guess it’s about 1000 words long, the whole bill. I’m not going to read the whole thing in this episode. So don’t tune out now because I’m going to read legislation but I am going to read parts of the legislation and again, I’m going to cover this over several episodes. Today I’m focusing on something specific. So I’m only going to read the parts from the bill that are directly applicable to this. If you want to read the whole bill for yourself, just go to Google, type in H ar 127, hit Enter, and you can get the text, the full text that’s being considered right now by the Congress. So, hr 127, titled, to provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession, and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition. Now, skipping all of the preamble stuff I mean, this is being sponsored by Mrs. Jackson Lee, Democrat from Texas. It says in general, the Attorney General, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, shall establish a system for licensing the possession of firearms or ammunition in the United States, and for the registration with the Bureau of each firearm present in the United States. Okay, so we’ve been hearing the argument for gun control, literally for decades, we go back 3040 years, I guess, there was an assault rifles ban that was put into place for 10 years. And it expired, Congress didn’t renew it. There was also a law put into place in Washington DC, where you’re just not allowed to possess a weapon. And that was eventually overturned by the Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional. Ultimately, should hr 127 passed, I believe, I believe it would fail to a constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court, but I address that later in the episode. But this paragraph adds something that hasn’t ever been there before. This is a brand new democrat idea. So they’re not talking about just licensing the possession of a firearm. They’re now licensing the possession of ammunition. Let that sink in for just a minute. Ammunition, the bullets that your gun fires

firearm registration system I continue to read required information this is the information that would be required in order to register a firearm. Under the firearm registration system, the owner of a firearm shall transmit to the bureau that remember when they use the word shall that is law you will period a the make model and serial number of the firearm the identity of the owner of the firearm the date the firearm was acquired by the owner and where the firearm is or will be stored and be a notice specifying the identity of any person to whom and any period of time during which the firearm will be loaned to the person to deadline for supplying information. The transmission required by paragraph one shall be made a in the case of a firearm acquired before the effective date of this section within three months after the effective date of the section or be in the case of the firearm acquired on or after the effective date on the date the owner acquires the firearm. Okay, so we take these two sections together here. You notice the absence of a word under firearm registration. Ammunition, they didn’t say ammunition. That’s interesting. They very clearly stated that this is licensing the possession of firearms or ammunition when they use the word or that is a substitute for all sections they’re under to legal ease. To use and or then it has to be both in order to be exclusive. But if you just use the word or then it’s not mutually exclusive, either one is interchangeable throughout the document, regardless of its stipulation, so I could reread that firearm registration system to ammunition registration system. The make model and serial number of the firearm well wait up. Wait a minute, ammunition isn’t serialized. There’s no serial number on ammunition. That’s a future episode. Let’s skip down here licensing system requirements. A general license except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the Attorney General shall issue to an individual a license to possess a firearm and ammunition if the individual Okay, I got to stop here. Again, ammunition an individual license to possess a firearm and ammunition. So that means they they might give you a license to possess the firearm but you can’t have any bullets. Or you can have some bullets but you’re too dangerous to have the firearm. slippery slope. Okay, here we go. They have attained the age of 21 years of age. After applying for the license. they undergo a criminal background check conducted by the National instant criminal background check system established under Section 103 of the Brady hand Gun Violence Prevention Act. And the check does not indicate that possession of a firearm by the individual would violate subsection G or end of Section 922 or state law to undergrowth undergoes a psychological evaluation conducted in accordance with paragraph two. And the evaluation does not indicate that the individual is psychologically unsuited to possess a firearm. And three successfully completes a training course certified by the Attorney General in the use safety and storage of firearms, that includes at least 24 hours of training, and three demonstrates that on issuance of the license, the individual will have in effect an insurance policy issued under subsection D. Okay. The reason why I broke this down into multiple episodes is this paragraph right here, these paragraphs cover so many different things. And again, things that we’ve never talked about before, things that have never been brought up in the debate for gun control. Not only are they going to make you license yourself to buy ammunition, they’ve been talking about the Brady hand Gun Violence Prevention Act, and the background checks forever. I’ve every gun that I’ve purchased, I’ve gone through a background check, but now undergoes a psychological evaluation conducted in accordance with paragraph two.

The evaluation does not indicate that the individual is psychologically unsuited to possess a firearm, they got that listed in there. But it’s a psychological evaluation name one other thing that you must have a psychological evaluation in order to obtain a license for let’s apply that standard to auto getting married. Before you can be issued a marriage license, you must undergo a psychological evaluation. How about driving a car you know cars are dangerous look at what they did and in France and and and London where a van and killed dozens of people. Maybe we should have a requirement that they undergo psychological evaluation before you buy an automobile. Furthermore, you must have successfully completed a training course certified by the Attorney General Well, Ed, we already get training in order to get a driver’s license. Yeah, but not a marriage license. what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to move the goalposts. This is the traditional way that they move the goalposts. They’ve been claiming gun control laws and what we need to do is have more background checks. And then they they started talking about red flag laws. Remember those here a couple years back red flag laws. And then the couta demonstrate that on issuance of license, the individual will have in effect and insurance policy issued under subsection D. They are requiring that in order to have a gun, you must have fire arm insurance. What is firearm insurance? Well happens to say so firearm insurance section one in general, the Attorney General shall issue to any person who has applied for a license pursuant to subsection C and has paid to the Attorney General the fee specified in paragraph two of this subsection a policy that insures the person against liability for losses and damages resulting from the use of any firearm by the person during the one year period that begins with the date of the policy issued to fee. The fee specified in this paragraph is $800.


You got to pay $800 a year for the privilege to own a gun. Now, something that they haven’t noted here, is that per gun or is that cover all of your guns That’s another episode. They haven’t talked about that one here. Yeah, hr 127 is the most anti constitutional act I think I’ve ever read. Now, if you have never read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, there’s a line. It’s about two thirds of the way into the book. It’s 1100 page book great read. It’s the part where Reardon is being extorted by the federal government to turn over his patent on Rearden metal. The government official has just revealed a crime he had committed and revealing that crime publicly would be very embarrassing to Reardon and his mistress. The government official said, we don’t want to lock you up in jail. The entire reason for having laws is so we can leverage people. There’s a three part movie on the book, but honestly, it was such a low budget production that it isn’t really that good. The book written in 1957 and ran highlights the transformation from free economy to socialism. Absolutely, brilliantly. It is worth reading the book, especially since I am sure it will be banned before too long. But I digress. Let’s get back to HR 127. And Chicago. I should note here that the penalty for not complying with HR 127 should it pass and become law is the $20,000 fine and minimum of 10 years in prison? Actually, that kind of varies, you’ll you’ll you’ll understand what I mean here in just a minute violation of the law would be a felony. This goes a little beyond what ends government dictator was pushing for but I guess you have to crack some eggs in order to make an omelet. However, the current model system remember Chicago, the model for HR 127. It only has a 20 $500 fine and up to one year in jail for gun possession and can be classified as only a misdemeanor. In hr 127, the penalties are very specific. Again, I’ll cover this in multiple episodes. But here’s just a little taste. Whoever knowingly violates section 922, subsection a shall be fined not less than $75,000 and not more than $150,000 in prison not less than 15 years and not more than 25 years, or both. Now, what does section 922 a read? Well, I’m saving that for another episode because it’s not in HR 127. It has to do with the manufacturing and sale of firearms and ammunition that are restricted by hr 127. The details of this law are so complex that I figure it will take three or four episodes to explore. For today. I want to jump into why this legislation is US Constitution killing and more importantly, what we can do to stop it. Honestly, again, as I stated upfront, I don’t believe this law would hold up to a challenge in a Supreme Court, at least not in the court formed by President Trump. However, Joe Biden and the democrat controlled Congress passed court packing legislation, then all bets are off. The second amendment exists to grant you and me citizens of America the ability to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. Those who tell you the Second Amendment is to protect your right to hunt are just fools. Our founding fathers debated at length over maintaining the ability to overthrow a government gone wild.

You know, Tucker has said numerous times on his show that Democrats are always guilty of what they accuse you of. Since January 6, Democrats and DC have been screaming insurrection and treason. If Tucker is right, and I believe he is that it is the democrats who are guilty of insurrection, and treason. The Democrats have become the tyrannical government our founding fathers feared even predicted would come to power. However, all is not lost. It seems grim. But looking at the democrats playbook we see the means to their defeat. This past summer we saw groups of a few 100 overpower entire cities burned down police stations businesses and and private property. We saw mayors and police chiefs hide in fear of being overrun. They gave into the mob, letting them paint slogans in big letters on Main Street and then punished Americans who desecrated to new Bob created slogans. Meanwhile, a mob took Aim at our history and culture and tore down statues and monuments. Again, our leaders hid in fear. What is the lesson? Our leaders, Democrats especially, are cowards. They hide in fear from mobs of people throwing frozen bottles of water and pointing green lasers. Today is a day you need to go out and buy a gun. For that matter. Let’s go with Joe Biden’s suggestion. Get a shotgun and a few 100 shotgun shells. shotguns are not the big scary military guns. Democrats are currently clamoring after they are in abundant supply and shells are easy to reload if needed. Lastly, a shotgun blast at close range is devastating. Change out buckshot for a slug. And the penetrating power is insane. Well, out to about 100 feet. Right about now you were thinking I am calling for an insurrection? Nope. I am calling for civil disobedience. Just like the Democrats. The dems want you to be afraid of guns, they want you to register your guns they want you too have to get a background check to buy ammo. So buy your guns and ammo now. So that you have it. In the case of a really bad day in America. gun sales are already through the roof ammo is being sold faster than it can be made. In the end. If this law comes to fruition, then the standoff will take place. At some point, if this law went into effect, a group of a few 1000 armed Americans will march on City Hall. Well, okay, a million plus armed Americans will march up every democrats run City Hall in America, you know, a few 1000 at a time, maybe not in Chicago or New York. But in places like Portland and Cleveland, Kenosha and Denver, then democrats will have to make the decision to order police. By the way the protectors democrats call to defund to fire on on the armed crowd. You see, folks, I am not calling for civil war, I am calling for you to arm yourself in case civil war breaks out. I am suggesting we take democrats at their word. When they say they’re going to try and take away our rights. In the end, we need only disobey and stand shoulder to shoulder in defiance of their unconstitutional orders. The first shots if taken will be taken by Democrat cowards, who don’t know how to lead unless their citizens are weak and disarmed. A portion of this program has been sponsored by Joe at f1 for help. I’ve been using Joe for my computer needs for over four years, and I have referred dozens of my friends and clients to jail for technical support. Keeping your computer safe is so very important. And Joe is very good at fixing and protecting your computer. Give him a call today at 208-687-0183. For the best in computer support. Most problems can be fixed remotely. But Joe also makes house calls in the north Idaho region f1. for help. Please support the companies that support this

program. This has been an episode of the conservatives guide to American politics. We hope you’ve gained new knowledge that helps you in your day to day struggle to navigate the minefield of liberal ideals. Please share this episode with your conservative friends and help them gain the strength needed to face the progressive assault against America. The stance we take today will determine our future and the future for our children, like this podcast and help send a message to the progressives. stand proud of your conservative ideology. bring together your neighbors and look not for the shelter of silence. Speak your mind exercise your right to free speech. Or one day the idea of America might only be a note in history.

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