How No-fly Lists Compare to Refusing to Bake a Cake for a Gay Wedding


Prior to 9/11, the national no-fly list contained 16 people.  Current estimates are that it may contain as many as 47,000 people and that doesn’t count the private no-fly lists many airlines keep with no oversight.  Whatever happened to the airline passenger bill of rights?  Airlines are putting people on no-fly lists just for attending President Trump’s DC Rally.  How do no-flys lists compare to refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding?  In today’s episode we will explore the ramifications this action might bring to our nation on whole.

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Prior to 911, the National No Fly List contained 16 people. Current estimates are that it may contain as many as 47,000 people. And that doesn’t count the private no fly lists many airlines keep with no oversight. Whatever happened to the airline passenger bill of rights? airlines are putting people on no fly lists just for attending President Trump’s DC rally. How do no fly lists compared to, I don’t know refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. In today’s episode, we’ll explore the ramifications this action might bring to our nation on a whole Welcome to the conservatives guide to American politics. My name is Ed Bejarana. And I am an otherwise happy go lucky conservative who enjoys life in North Idaho with his wife and two golden retrievers. For all intents and purposes, I keep to myself and think your folks should live and let live. You know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But I am frustrated watching the news. All I really tune in to see is the weather and maybe some local interest stories. But most of what they show me is their political bias and socialistic tendencies, the American media is no longer neutral. Instead, they use their megaphone to influence political power. The ideals of America have been hijacked by people who otherwise dislike or hate American ideology. I started this podcast is my way to fight back from my little slice of America. Call it a rallying cry for other common sense conservatives to arm themselves against the onslaught of negativity. It is time the America hating progressives hear from the silent majority. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be heard. No Fly lists were originally intended to prevent bad actors from taking over airplanes and crashing them into buildings. Now it seems no fly lists have become a punishment for disagreeable political speech. It seems like the no fly list has become an extension of the canceled culture. Okay, this story came about because a group of protesters confronted senator romney in the Salt Lake City Airport. The airline took action and placed every protester on the No Fly List. Then we learned many protesters who attended the Trump DC rally have been placed on the no fly list by the FBI. For what attempted insurrection. Did America abandon the innocent until proven guilty clause of our justice system when I wasn’t looking? No, the people who confronted romney didn’t assault him. They didn’t threaten him. They just protested and asked a lot of uncomfortable questions. Wasn’t that exactly what Maxine Waters told her constituents to do to Trump supporters? Okay, sure. Senator romney is no Trump supporter. But was that not the standards set? Amazon drops parlor with 24 hours notice for violating their terms of service. Now, their terms of service require a longer period of time for the separation. But let’s not split hairs about the terms of service agreements. Today’s episode is about the impact to America. If airlines can now decide who gets to fly and who doesn’t, based on political ideology or attendance at a political rally, what might the potential blowback be on the nation? What is next? Is is General Motors gonna repossess automobiles from people who wear magga hats while driving? It is is FedEx gonna stop delivering packages to houses that fly a Trump flag? Is the post office going to stop delivering mail to people who register as Republicans? Where does this train stop? better question. How far are you going to let this train travel?

That sort of talk could be considered seditious. When did politicians rise to the level where they could no longer be confronted? Looking at DC citizens can no longer get anywhere near the congressmen or senators office to raise concerns are elected representatives no longer responsible to the people who elected them. In a completely unrelated story published by the New York post on Friday, January 15. Sandy a Kazuya Cortez said in an interview, the federal government needs to fund the deprogramming of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists. ocasio Cortez said the house Subcommittee on civil rights she served on has held hearings over the prior two years on white supremacy, and said there are programs to quote de radicalize, brainwashed adherence, but she said funding was not a priority for those programs during the Trump years. Quote, there are people who are radicalized right now, it’s gonna take a very long time to de radicalize these people and a lot of effort, she said, she said many fringe radicals operate in a quote, misinformation bubble. And it would take more than one conversation to deprogram them, liken it to therapy, but she said, research has shown, quote, healing is possible. Oh, okay. As long as healing is possible, I mean, Washington DC is so good at defining radical behavior. trusting them to reprogram Americans shouldn’t be too much of a constitutional violation. Wait a minute, it just dawned on me. These two stories might actually be connected. The FBI is preventing Americans from flying because of their involvement in the January 6 protest. And AOC is suggesting radicalized people can be cured through deprogramming. Maybe folks can regain their right to fly by attending a D radicalizing education seminar. while they’re at it, they should be required to ascend, attend some racial justice classes to you know, just thinking outside the box here since racism is a systemic problem in America. Maybe it isn’t as bad as I think it is. I mean, maybe it will not be the government who decides who is radical and who requires deprogramming? What if there was a tip line set up where friends and family members could report people to the authorities? Wouldn’t that be great? I mean, the government is already so busy. It would be much better if citizens reported on citizens and you know, help the government find the bad apples. On January 16, The Washington Post published a story titled pushed to the edge by the Capitol Riot people are reporting their family and friends to the FBI. The article is about a daughter who reported her parents to the FBI for supporting the folks at the Trump rally. The article said more than 100,000 tips have come into the FBI so far. Now the article references far right extremism as the illness, not white supremacy. I’m sure there is a moral equivalence. Maybe being held accountable will do them some good. One Reddit user writes in a thread about reporting Capitol rioters right wing extremism has been building and ignored for decades, it has gained greater force during the Trump administration format did not only by the president, but other federal officials as well said an anonymous user. Honestly, this story in the post is several pages long and outlines more than a dozen cases of family and friends reporting people to the FBI for supporting Trump. Okay, they say radicalized and dangerous, but attending a Trump rally apparently qualifies. So folks like AOC want to increase government expenditure to deprogram radicalized Americans. After all, they can be healed.

In the case of a bakery in Oregon that refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. The bakery was charged for violating the civil liberties of the couple getting married. I don’t recall reading anywhere in the constitution to clause pertaining to wedding cakes or getting married for that matter, but I do remember freedom of speech and right to assemble being mentioned prominently. How long before people are reporting pastors for preaching sermons that refute liberal orthodoxy? How long before the FBI hotline is created for people People who make financial contributions to Republican candidates sound too crazy. Sound like a bridge too far? Had you asked me a few days ago, I would have said no politician would ever suggest reprogramming Americans. I mean, during World War Two, our government rounded up Japanese Americans and put them into concentrate concentration camps. Liberals for decades had screamed bloody murder over that action. And on that they were right. However, now it is the liberals who are planning for reprogramming camps, restricting people’s ability to move about freely calling on citizens to report radical behavior and taking legal action against people exercising their constitutional rights. Just where does it end? don’t suggest this ends in Civil War No, no. He reported on January 16, that people are being arrested for suggesting civil war is coming. sedition is serious business and the left has become the protectors of America. Of course for months the left has cheered on mostly peaceful protesters who burned down many American cities and businesses but they have learned their lesson and now are best suited to identify radicalized behavior. Let us remember Sandy Cortez worked as a bartender and is well versed in human behavior. Heck, she knows how to handle drunks grabbing her butt and make a White Russian at the same time. Of course, she is best qualified to lead the effort to reprogram us radical conservatives. On Thursday, January 14, AOC suggested the government clamp down on media disinformation. Nothing can go wrong there. Having the government control mass media would be great for the country. Right? If only America had more concerned citizens like Miss Cortez, is she married? Not that I’m interesting? Heck, I’ve been married to the same woman for 30 years. My morals don’t fall in line with her preference, but plus some heterosexual and and I work for a living. So I’m sure I am not her type anyway. On January 20, Joe Biden and the democratic controlled Congress will race to take guns away from every conservative American. Why? Because they’re going to do the things that might otherwise get them shot. Oops, that might get me put on a no fly list. Doesn’t matter much to me, I weighed 300 pounds, and would have to buy two seats anyway. I’m not likely to be flying anytime soon. Folks, we are obviously under attack, and the enemies are driving the boat. It would be nice to be able to say we can still win this conflict. But we cannot point to the election process and suggest let the best idea win. Now it is who is counting the votes that matter the most? When things look bad for the Democrats, the polls just got dark for a few hours and voila, more votes appeared. But and when are you going to give us the happy ending? What about the glass half full approach? Right? Right, right glass half full right now.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure the liquid in the glass isn’t this. Okay, here’s some good news. The left doesn’t know how to govern from the positive side of the coin. Allow me a few minutes to explain. For the last four years, Democrats have been bitching and moaning about everything Trump and the Republican Party did. They didn’t suggest any nation building legislation, just nation breaking ideas, all in an effort to make Trump look bad. Now that they own the government, they are going to do things and hold responsibility for the outcome. Here are a couple of examples. Joe Biden is said his co COVID stimulus package will include a federal minimum wage increase to $15 an hour. Okay, that should help folks with COVID. Right. Let’s walk through this idea. So the kid at McDonald’s that handed me my double Quarter Pounder will soon get paid $15 an hour, where he currently makes about $10 an hour. That’s an extra $5 an hour and that’s not much right. mean, that’s just an extra $40 a day $200 a week or $10,400 a year the business has to pay the kid to hand me my burger. I mean, McDonald’s is super rich so they can afford it. After all this is this is to help with COVID dammit. Of course, maybe I shouldn’t be eating greasy double quarter pounders with cheese I, I do after all weigh 300 pounds. But I digress. Now McDonald’s has 50 employees, some of which already make $15 an hour, you know, the supervisors or shift managers. Now that kid handing out the cheeseburger has got to get paid an extra $5 an hour. McDonald’s needs to increase the wage for the people who are already making the $15 an hour. But you know, otherwise those employees are going to be upset that they just got demoted. You understand the demoted idea, right? Sure. They were getting paid more for the extra responsibilities they had. And now they get paid the same thing as the kid with no responsibilities. So to keep the supervisors happy, McDonald’s will pay them more. But they can’t just raise their wage dollar or two. They have to increase wages by at least $5 an hour. Otherwise, the ratio of earnings for the higher responsibility worker is lower. Do you see how this house of cards can collapse? McDonald’s is now going to increase wages by 67%. All because Joe Biden said it would help with Coronavirus. Actually what will happen is McDonald’s will lay off at least one third of their workforce and use automated machines for more work. Many more workers will see their hours cut. In the end, a few people will make more money per hour, but their total annual wage average will drop. On the other side of the equation. How much will that double quarter pounder with cheese cost when McDonald’s is forced to pay more in labor costs. With the 67% increase in wages, we could expect to see a 50% increase in prices. Since fewer people are actually going to be working. Few people will be able to afford to buy that double quarter pounder with cheese and McDonald’s will see a decrease in revenue. That of course makes it more difficult to pay the higher wages and means more employees will have their hours cut. Okay, get the vicious cycle here. Now, here is the big question. For protesting against government overreach and election suspicion. You and I are targeted for canceling. We might not be able to fly and may be forced to attend reprogramming camps. To me, that is a very radical idea at it. If anybody should be forced to a dead reprogramming, it would be the person who suggested raising minimum wage to fight a pandemic and those who suggest reprogramming radical ideology. Okay, here is the good news. The left will implode?

sure they’ll hurt a lot of Americans in the process, but they will implode. See it still requires two thirds of the states to ratify a constitutional convention. President Trump did add three conservative justices to the Supreme Court. And while some of their rulings are worrisome when it comes to defending the Constitution, as reprogramming ideas and no fly lists are raised at the highest court, liberals will lose and lose big. Just like when the DC gun ban lost in the Supreme Court, the left will lose these efforts in court. In the process, the politicians will lose support from the American people. While the democrats currently control state voted counting machines in many important states. As more Americans fall victim to the progressive failings, more and more states will once again turn red. Will it happen in two years, four years, eight years? I don’t know. But I know it will happen just as it has happened every every seven to 11 years throughout American history. Stay true to your conservative values. Speak your mind and fear not the radical threats from the likes of AOC. She will bloviate and thrash about, but in the end she will fall to the dustpan of political history and be just a blip in time. A portion of this program has been sponsored by Joe at f1 for help. I’ve been using Joe for my computer needs for over 40 For years, and I have referred dozens of my friends and clients to jail for technical support. Keeping your computer safe is so very important. And Joe is very good at fixing and protecting your computer. Give him a call today at 208-687-0183. For the best in computer support. Most problems can be fixed remotely. But Joe also makes house calls in the north Idaho region f1. for help. Please support the companies that support this program.

This has been an episode of the conservatives guide to American politics. We hope you’ve gained new knowledge that helps you in your day to day struggle to navigate the minefield of liberal ideals. Please share this episode with your conservative friends and help them gain the strength needed to face the progressive assault against America. The stance we take today will determine our future and the future for our children like this broadcast and help send a message to the progressives. stand proud of your conservative ideology. bring together your neighbors and look not for the shelter of silence. Speak your mind exercise your right to free speech, or one day the idea of America might only be a note in history.


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