Greta Thunberg is named person of the year-Progressives work to hide the truth behind climate solutions


By now you have heard about Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg.  Wikipedia describes this young woman Greta Thunberg (born 3 January 2003) as a Swedish environmental activist on climate change whose campaigning has gained international recognition. Thunberg is known for her straightforward speaking manner, both in public and to political leaders and assemblies, in which she urges immediate action to address what she describes as the climate crisis.  Ms. Thunberg’s entry to the world of environmental activism began in August of 2018 when, at age 15, she began spending her school days outside the Swedish parliament with a sign that read, “School strike for the climate.”  The left celebrates this young woman as a “next-generation leader” and presents her as a role model for the world to see.

First my thoughts on environmental conditions.  There is too much garbage floating in the world’s oceans, too many countries allow dumping raw sewage into waterways, and manufacturing plants to spew toxic crap into the air…we need to clean things up.  Little Greta is getting traction with her personal crusade because there is a speck of truth in her complaints.  However, the left is celebrating Greta because she is angry and demanding immediate action.  The media is applauding her sentiments and demanding the world listen—actually, they are actively working to make sure we only her Greta and her ilk.  In this podcast, I’ll show that while the media and the keepers of access to knowledge (aka Google) bemoan the woes of pending climate-driven destruction of mankind, they are, in fact, the ones hiding the information and solutions to the very problems they claim will kill every man, woman, and child on planet earth.

You have probably never heard about Boyan Slat?  Born July 1994, he is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur.  When Boyan was 16, for a high school project, he invented a way to remove plastic from the ocean.  In 2012 he presented his idea in a TEDx talk and in 2013 founded a non-profit entity called The Ocean Cleanup—an entity he now leads as CEO.  So far, his organization has raised over $31 million dollars to clean up the worlds Oceans.

This is a real Style .vs Substance presentation that highlights how the Progressives think.  But before I dive in too deep, let’s consider the following information.  If you search for Greta Thunberg on Google, you will see there are over 167 million search results.  Same search on Yahoo and Bing produce 4.95 million and 6.74 million search results respectfully.  Now, perform a search for Boyan Slat on Google and notice there are only 496,000 search results.  Same search on Yahoo and Bing produce 553,000 and 597,000 search results respectfully.  

What is the moral of the story?  Hold that thought for a few more minutes…

Let me introduce you to Morgan Vague.  She is a student at Reed College in Portland, Oregon who for a school project, discovered an enzyme that breaks down plastic.  Without going too deep into her story, she traveled to Texas to collect dirt samples because she felt a bacteria existed that could break down plastic.  In her samples she discover a microbe that had evolved such to eat plastic.  Her goal is to break down plastic in the Ocean and in landfills all across America.  She is early in her development, but now that they have isolated and grown more of these microbes, the plan is to modify them so they eat plastic faster.  I call this an action plan…not ready for prime time mind you, but a truly incredible endeavor.  While the Progressive leaders of the world work to ban plastic straws, students like Ms Vogue are working to dissolve them.  It might surprise you to learn that searching for Morgan Vague on Google only produces 11,400 search results; while on Bing and Yahoo the search results number 42,900 & 43,000 respectfully.  

I would next like to introduce you to Dr Judith Curry.  Judith A. Curry is an American climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research interests include hurricanes, remote sensing, atmospheric modeling, polar climates, air-sea interactions, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for atmospheric research. She is a member of the National Research Council’s Climate Research Committee.  As of 2017, she has retired from academia.

Dr Curry is an award winning author and has published more than 140 scientific publications on climate change, but it was one of her latest publications that got her into some hot water.  Dr Curry challenged the climate change global warming models by highlighting a flaw in the calculations…the flaw is known as the “uncertainty monster.”  This flaw highlighted (scientifically) how Mother Nature is not as predictable as the climate doom sayers model suggests.  

To get a little perspective, Dr Curry developed the model for predicting how many tornados would spin off from a hurricane.  Her research papers on climate are world renown and made her the authority on the subject matter for years…well, that is until she proved climate change was not the world ending threat being touted by the Progressive leaders of the UN.   The effort to stifle Dr Curry’s influence is well under way.  Example, search her name on Google and you find only 23,500 search results.  However, do the same search on Yahoo and Bing and you find over 43 million search results.

Dr Curry graduated cum laude from Northern Illinois University in 1974 and worked in the climate field as a foremost authority for decades, the number of search results on Yahoo and Bing show she has a huge impact…but why does the most used search engine in the market place only show the tiniest fraction of search results?  Why is Google hiding Dr Curry’s contribution?

Mr Slat did not seek government money to develop his ocean cleaning process, he instead developed a business and secured investors and is working to bring a solution to market.  Great thing to actually clean up the environment, right?  Great thing this inventor is not requiring government money to accomplish his mission, right?  Of course, any fiscally responsible individual would agree, action is better than anger and private funding better than tax payer money…so why is Mr Slat not getting lots and lots of public accolades?  Why is Google trending lower on search results than Yahoo and Bing?  Why does anger score over 167 million search results and action score less than a half million? 

Ms Vague didn’t get angry and crinkle her eye brows for the cameras at the United Nations.  She didn’t take off her top and protests the use of plastic straws at Starbucks…no, she sought a solution to the worlds problem.  Isn’t necessity the mother of all invention?   Why is Google hiding her contribution?  Compared to Yahoo and Bing, Google is only showing a quarter of the search results.

Turn this around for a moment, why is Google showing more than 167 million results for Greta while Yahoo and Bing only show 3% of that number of search results?  Is this an example of how propaganda works?  Suppress facts you dislike and bloat information you do like.  Has the most powerful search engine on the planet become a propaganda machine for the Progressive Dogma?

These three cases show how the Progressive movement favors anger.  The media ran with Ms Greta crinkling her nose at the United Nations and labeled her a climate role model.  Google ran with the notion that getting angry and demanding action was most critical.  However, the UN and Google both are actively suppressing the very action little Greta is demanding.  Removing plastic from the ocean with robots or dissolving it with microbes seems like a very viable action plan; but no, Google promotes the anger over action.  When a world renown climatologist used proven science to question the climate change model…the Progressives no longer liked her, they cast her out and worked hard to hide her information.  23 thousand search results versus 44 million search results…really?  That is not a natural occurrence; seems just as fake as the climate change models used by the Progressives.

So why support anger over action?  Money.  Solutions don’t pay lobbyists, anger does.  Angry little girls raise lots and lots of money for the cause, but a solution for the problem means no more politics, it means capitalism takes over.  The Progressive agenda is hellbent on destroying capitalism, not endorsing it.  So they work with all their might to hide the truth from you, the voting public.

President Trump has questioned why America continues to support the United Nations.  What originally started as a body for peace has turned into an organization seeking world domination.  Should too many more people like Donald Trump get elected, the new action plan might be defunding the UN.  

What is our action plan?  How can common sense conservatives combat the culture war mongers from the Progressive movement?  Simple.  Financially support ideas to actively work to clean up the environment.  Seek out the Boyan Slat’s and Morgan Vague’s of the world and financially support their efforts.  Read their stories and share with your friends.  When enough people learn about solutions for the worlds environmental challenges, the anger from the Progressives will be drown out.


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