Dr. Steve Hatfill shares What Every Parent Should Know about the COVID19 Virus for Kids

Dr Steven Hatfill

Dr Steven Hatfill talks about how the federal government has suppressed peer reviewed COVID-19 treatments in favor of an unproven vaccine regiment that has proven ineffective.  We discuss the effects of the COVID “vaccine” on children and the history behind how our nation arrived at this point in pandemic treatment.  We also talk about the criminal like behavior of the media and big tech over COVID-19 therapeutic options.

Dr. Steven Hatfill is a world renown virologist who literally wrote the book on infectious design mitigation.  He was called in my President Trump to consult on ways to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about Dr Steven Hatfill visit: drstevenhatfill.com.

To learn more about the book Three Seconds Until Midnight, visit:  threesecondsuntilmidnight.com.


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