Do we know the difference between Good and Evil anymore?


Mankind is basically evil.  Ok, that might sound a bit harsh.  But ask a Progressive and they’ll say mankind is basically good.  I mean why else are they working so hard to eliminate prosecution of petty crime and low-level drug offenses?  In California, during this time of national crisis, people are stealing groceries from store shelves in full view of store clerks and security guards—and the crooks are walking out un-molested.  

In today’s episode, I will highlight three cases of domestic terrorism and we’ll explore how this type of behavior was fostered.  It is easy to say bad parenting or poor educational funding…but there has to be something else.  The evil I’ll share with you today is a deep level of despicable…but there is more to it that is apparent on the surface.  The evil in today’s episode is, I believe, a result of 30 years effort on the part of Progressives and a media hell-bent on anarchy.

A Missouri man named Cody Lee Pfister, was charged with making a terrorist threat in the second degree by Warren County Police after posting a video on social media of himself conducting a rather reckless “prank” on March 11.  In the video, Pfister looks into the camera and says “Who’s scared of the coronavirus? Don’t touch your mouth” and then runs his tongue across a shelf of deodorant.


Loss of self-control

Kids have always struggled with this…

Fewer prosecutions are encouraging the issue

Destructive behavior towards others

Remember the ice cream cases from a few years ago…

Call for attention by hurting others…

George Falcone was shopping at a New Jersey Wegmans grocery store on Sunday evening when a female employee asked him to be mindful of CDC guidelines on social distancing and stand farther away from her. Fox News reports that instead Falcone moved closer to the employee, coughed directly on her and joked that he had the COVID-19 virus before insulting her and other employees saying they were “lucky” to have jobs.


Resisting wishes of others

On a more innocent side—my personal story of social distancing

You can not control me…mentality

Bully mentality

Has social media given rise to more bullying?

Has our legal system empowered thugs?

An elderly man was wearing a mask and medical gloves for added protection due to his numerous high-risk factors as he attended the designated “seniors only” shopping hours at a local Karns grocery store when Pennsylvania resident Daniel Tabussi approached him. Tabussi then falsely claimed he had the coronavirus and coughed on the senior citizen while laughing and mocking him for wearing the mask.  The elderly man was recovering from pneumonia.


Total lack of compassion for fellow man

Are these the Red Flags Progressives warn us about?

Progressives believe mankind is basically good.  I believe mankind is basically evil.  It is my belief that conservatives, in general, believe mankind is basically evil, but most would struggle with such a simplistic description.  Let’s try this version:

If asked, how would you answer the following question?

Do you believe, if left free of consequences of action, any random person would choose to help themselves or first help others?

That doesn’t sound like good v. evil and obviously there are lots of people who are good by nature, but if there is no chance someone is going to know, most everyone will look after their own self-interests over those of another.  Why else would cities like New York pass good Samaritan laws?  You know, laws that say you must stop and render aid if you are closets to someone in need and it is safe for you to do so.  Or what about Alaska with the must render aid law.  If you see a car broken down on the side of the road in the wintertime, you must stop and offer assistance.  We have these laws because in many cases of the past, people did not stop and help.  Fear, disinterest, or evil nature…call it what you will, the human spirit is not pre-disposed to sacrifice self for a stranger.

Now turn this around and put a loved one’s life at risk or make a national pride issue, and Americans (and quite possible all humans) will spring into action dam the consequences.  Why would so many young men willingly exit the landing craft on D-Day?  Why does a man jump in front of a lunging burglar with a knife?  Because when love or pride is on the line we’ll crawl through fire to save the ones we love or care for.  But a stranger, when it doesn’t matter.  Nope, we need laws.  And if left to our own devices with little to no ramifications for our actions, we’ll trample on the rights of anyone standing between us and what we want.

Final point, the American Constitution is a document that proves my point that man is basically evil.  The rules written by our founding fathers were to restrict the power-drunk government from trampling on the rights of the citizens.  The constitution favors the liberty of the individual in protection from the masses.

Ok, that last part is a bit harsh and you are probably sitting there is disbelieve not wanting to believe people are basically evil.  If that describes you, my words are not meant to change your mind.  I am also not speaking with intent to further distances you from other people…no that would be an evil act.  My intent is to identify the evil of the Progressive in their efforts to eliminate prosecution for non-violent crimes, legalization of abortion on demand, and efforts to eliminate moral groundings.

By acknowledging basic human instinct, we can actually become a kinder, gentler people.  While we can not eliminate our instinct, knowledge of its existence can help us employ discipline and compassion to control our behavior.  Most conservatives are grounded by faith.  The bible teaches goodwill and grace.  Believing in a higher power helps us temper our behavior towards others.  Progressives seek to eliminate religion and self-discipline.  The real question is why?  Is it because they believe, as I stated upfront, that mankind is basically good or is there another motive?  Could it be that power is derived by means of stealth and deceit?  Could it be Progressives are promoting the idea that man is basically good and thus non-violent crimes should not be prosecuted so that anarchy will force us kinder, gentler folks into the safety of their arms?

My message to you today is don’t fall prey to the Progressive lies.  So-called journalists and power-hungry politicians are seeking to do great harm to our nation…it is our job, as conservatives, to tip the scales of humanity back to the favor of discipline and personal responsibility.  As we go into this next election season, don’t just pay attention to the national ticket, pay close attention to those running for district attorney, sheriff, and mayor.  Let us not forget the immortal words of Tip O’Niel—all politics are local.

The first step to self-actualization is acknowledging reality.  Humans are a brutal species who have fought for every inch of humanity.  The Progressives want to cure us of that violent streak and remove the means for our self-defense because they know when push comes to shove, conservatives are the most evil of the bunch and will fight to the death to protect that which we love.  In the case of America, that is freedom and liberty.


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