Democrats Do Not Believe In Freedom and Liberty


In today’s episode I discuss House Bill HR 1 and show how our elected representatives are working to encourage the cancel culture and take away (by force) our freedoms and liberties.  We discuss minors being allowed to register to vote and the attack against private tax returns and show how together these two actions hurt America.

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Democrats do not believe in freedom and liberty. One might say file that under de fer de.

But that would not be fair. The 85 million Americans who supposedly voted for the democrat ticket did know the people they were supporting are anti American. Now before you get the idea that I’m referring to what the morons on CNN say, No, I am not. I am looking at HR Oh, one pushed by the US House of Representatives, and pulling out specific sections to present. Today we are talking about the privacy of your tax returns. Welcome to the conservatives guide to American politics. My name is Ed Bejarana. And I am an otherwise happy go lucky conservative who enjoys life in North Idaho with his wife and two golden retrievers. For all intents and purposes, I keep to myself and think your focus should live and let live, you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But I am frustrated watching the news. All I really tune in to see is the weather and maybe some local interest stories. But most of what they show me is their political biases socialistic tendencies, the American media is no longer neutral. Instead, they use their megaphone to influence political power. The ideals of America have been hijacked by people who otherwise dislike or hate American ideology. I started this podcast as my way to fight back from my little slice of America. Call it a rallying cry for other common sense conservatives to arm themselves against the onslaught of negativity. It is time the America hating progressives hear from the silent majority. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be heard. Okay,

we all know Democrats believe President Trump was wrong to not share his tax returns, the President said he would not share them because he was under on it and did not want to corrupt the IRS review process. So so let me frame this for just a moment, just so we can all have a mutual understanding of the importance of the issue. Right now, when you apply for a job, your potential future employer can opt to run a credit report on your social security number. your credit report is public record and it is legal to request the information. However, there is no mechanism to request your previous 10 years of tax returns. Why not? Because those are private financial records. But as you’ll hear in just a minute, the democrats would make it law that if you were applying to be the president, or vice president of the United States, your tax records tax records become public record. I know I can already hear some of you saying but Ed, most people running for president already share their tax returns. Yes, almost everyone going back some 60 years. But those disclosures were voluntary. If when applying for that cool new job, you you choose to provide those documents, then that is your choice. The question here is should it be law that you have to provide those documents? Okay, before going too much further, let’s go through some of the text in HR one that pertains to tax returns. So this is this a 794 page document now, I’m skipping around in the document and reading select sections, but title 10 presidential and vice presidential tax transparency. It says the term covered candidates means a candidate of a major party in a general election for the office of president or vice president. Okay, so there’s spelling it out. If you’re running for president or vice president, this applies to you. So candidates for president and vice president not later than the date that is 15 days after the date on which an individual becomes a covered candidate. The individual shall submit to the Federal Election Commission a copy of the individual’s income tax return for the 10 most recent taxable years for which a return has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service. Okay, that that long paragraph just to mean, we’re making these public records. But what happens if the President or the person running for president just sticks up a middle finger and says no, not gonna? Okay, so, this document covers failure to disclose. If any requirement under paragraph one to submit an income tax return is not met. The chairman of the Federal Election Commission shall submit to the Secretary of written request at the Secretary provide the Federal Election Commission with the income tax return. See public record. You can’t say no. If you’re running for president, you have to. Okay, so what? But what is such a big deal? Well, this next part is the reason why this is a big deal. Go with me for just a moment. Here is the language of note be disclosure to the public. In general, the chairman of the Federal Election Commission shall make publicly available any return which is provided under subparagraph, a redaction of certain information before making publicly available under clause, and he returned the chairman of the Federal Election Commission shall redact such information, as the Federal Election Commission, and Secretary jointly determines is necessary for protecting against identity theft, such as social security numbers, okay, well, that’s nice. They’re gonna hide your, your social security number, but they’re still gonna publish all of the other information. See, public disclosure is the whole reason for this action. I should say. kancil culture is a reason why this action is being pushed your tax returns identify sources for income. Just imagine what people who want to threaten other people would do with that type of information. In the case of President Trump, I am sure his tax returns like mine, identify through 1099 all those contractors I hired to do things. What would those who practice kancil culture do with that type of information? tax returns

also identified destinations where we donate money. What would a Marxist do with that type of information? When we hear elected representatives like Senator Schumer, just as an example, accuse all Trump supporters of sedition, and then Congresswoman Cortez suggests federal funding for deprogramming of conservatives. It is not surprising when President Trump and people like him wish to keep their private financial documents private. Why? Why would Congress require states to register miners to vote? But I don’t wait what you see in the same HR one legislation which this is being pushed by the House of Representatives. It’s going to pass it’s going to go to the Senate. And if it passes the Senate, this is going to go to the President. So pay attention here. Section 1094 of HR one reads, acceptance of voter registration applications from individuals under 18 years of age. seems strange, I must not be reading this correctly. I mean, our system of government does not allow minors to vote. So section 1094, obviously must mean something else. Wait, here’s the language. In general, a state may not refuse to accept a process an individual’s application to register to vote in elections for federal office, on the grounds that the individual is under 18 years of age at the time, the individual submits the application, so long as the individual is at least 16 years of age at such time. Okay, so the language clearly said the state may not refuse to accept or process an individual’s application to register to vote if they happen to be under 18. Okay, in fairness, the next paragraph sheds a little light on the idea. no effect on state voting age requirements. Nothing in paragraph one may be construed to require a state to permit an individual who is under 18 years of age at the time of an election for federal office to vote in the election. Okay, now I’m I’m totally confused. Why would Congress mandate states must allow minors to register to vote, but then say it doesn’t mean that they can vote? I mean, why take the space in the bill to print doublespeak? Hmm, I have to switch to speculation mode now because this next part is not in the bill. But being a smart guy. I think I understand the reason for this section of HR one, believe it or not, but this has everything to do with the first issue. public disclosure. Should I say the canceled culture. When we registered to vote, we choose a political party. hartney that information is public record. Knowing what party 16 or 17 year old might choose, would give opportunity for reprogramming. Let me remind you of what ao C’s desire to reprogram conservatives, and Schumer’s classification of all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. too controversial, too far fetched? Answer me this. A year ago, would you have thought it possible that an electric Congresswoman would ever suggest healing radicals? We are dealing with a group of Marxists who would stop at nothing to intimidate people with different ideas to change those ideas, or else. How many older friends do you know who’ve lost their job because of their support for Trump? What would it look like to prevent a young person from attending college? securing a student loan getting a job getting approved for a loan to buy a car? I mean, the possibilities are limitless. Under that sort of pressure, what would happen to our nation?

I know right now, you’re saying Come on Ed, you’ve lost it. This is just not possible. But that I would point to Section 1054 of HR one titled, grants to states for activities to encourage involvement of minors in election activities. Now this section is where the federal government dangles federal money in front of states to encourage development of programs to encourage miners to get involved in election activities. To qualify for the grant states would be required to provide details on the program, they would pertain to the Commission’s requirements. What are the Commission’s requirements? Since I have not read all 794 pages? I don’t yet know. But no doubt the information is in there. You know, now that I think of it, I didn’t share the description of the bill. Here’s what Nancy is saying, Ah r1 will accomplish, to expand America’s access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy. And for other purposes. The short title is for the people act of 2021. It doesn’t sound like this bill is really for the people. It sounds more like this bill is for the canceled culture. Personal storytime, I’m not gonna identify names because this individual is already suffering greatly. I have a friend who is going to a political challenge right now. It’s one thing for those of us who choose to enter the political arena, we are subject to ridicule and intense scrutiny. But too, it used to be that our families were off limits. This friend of mine shared with me last evening that their spouse is being attacked, because of the negative press surrounding that particular issue. I know in the future, I will be able to share more. But right now, I don’t want to give my friends enemies any ammunition. We’ve heard and Tifa and BLM talk about targeting conservatives, and those who disagree with the progressive orthodoxy. You and I have heard democrat congressmen and women spew hatred and calls for violence against President Trump and his supporters. We’ve even heard Congresswoman Cortez suggest reprogramming conservatives to, quote heal them of the radical behavior. Now you and I are able to read it firsthand in a legislative proposal currently working its way through the congressional process where freedom of speech is under direct assault. For years, folks like President Trump have warned of the Marxist ideals of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly Tucker Carlson, rush limbaugh, Sean Hannity and hundreds of others have all pontificate until they were blue in the face. Just listen to their words and believe them when they say they want to fundamentally change America. Well, here we are, at the threshold of the final transformation, where congressional legislation is used in contradiction to the US Constitution and weaponized against Americans. I should note that while all of the current group of Democrats in DC appear to favor Marxism, there are some repair Republicans who appear to favor it too. Just this past Tuesday, day five republicans voted in favor of the constitutional legitimacy of proceeding with an impeachment trial in the senate against a former president. Hmm. All is not lost but we are late in the game and it is starting to feel like only a hail mary pass can save our nation. It is feeling like so many things are happening so quickly that it will be impossible to stop them all. I know you are feeling that way because I have felt that way too. But after a bit of prayer and self reflection, today, I have a different opinion. The other night I attended the kootenay County Republican Party Central Committee meeting. Brent Reagan, the chairman of the committee said something that brought back the always optimistic views I wake to each morning, Brent said he looked across the room of about 100 people and quote, America was created by fewer people than currently sit in this room in quote.

See 56 men faced far worse than what you and I face today. And right now, we know there are more than 75 million Americans who believe in America and the greatness it stands for. It is far too easy to get frustrated by national politics. It is far too easy to get distracted by the theater we call Washington DC is not real sure they can create laws. But we witnessed over the last four years law after law challenged by the left executive order after executive order overturned by the courts. President Trump added hundreds of new conservative federal judges to lifetime appointments. The Supreme Court now has a majority of conservatives. We can argue their conservative nature in recent rulings, but we have a fighting chance. We have a far better fighting chance than the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Those men had to fight it out with muskets on bloody battlefields, you and I. We only have to use our voices and our smarts. Big tech is working to silence conservative voices because they know our ideas are better. They know that if left to echo throughout America, millions more Americans will agree with less government is better. We don’t have to grab our guns and go fight in the streets. We need to encourage more people to do exactly what you are doing right now. We need more Americans to tune in to conservative podcasts. podcasts cannot as of yet be de platformed podcasts cannot be silenced. So share this podcast with your friends and family. To help with fighting local issues. I just started a new podcast called Idaho speaks I don’t speaks as a an issues based podcast that will be available for candidates like my friend to make their voice heard. When mainstream media tries to shut down conservative voices. Idaho speaks and conservatives guide to American politics. We’ll step up to give those candidates a way to speak directly to you. The American voter I believe win position toe to toe our conservative ideas against their markets Marxist ideas. Conservatives conservatism will win every time. My belief is confirmed by how hard big tech and mainstream media works to quiet our voices. Well, this voice will not be silenced, will you? A portion of this program has been sponsored by Joe at f1 for help. I’ve been using Joe for my computer needs for over four years, and I have referred dozens of my friends and clients to jail for technical support. Keeping your computer safe is so very important. And Joe is very good at fixing and protecting your computer. Give him a call today at 208-687-0183. For the best in computer support. Most problems can be fixed remotely. But Joe also makes house calls in the north Idaho region f1 for help. Please support the companies that support this program.

This has been an episode of the conservatives guide to American politics. We hope you’ve gained new knowledge that helps you in your day to day struggle to navigate the minefield of liberal ideals. Please share this episode with your conservative friends and help them gain the strength needed to face the progressive assault against America. The stance we take today will determine our future and the future for our children like this podcast and help send a message to the public. aggressives stand proud of your conservative ideology. bring together your neighbors and look not for the shelter of silence. Speak your mind exercise your right to free speech, or one day the idea of America might only be a note in history.


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