Defeating the Progressive Agenda


Welcome to Today’s podcast.  As I said in the opening segment to my first podcast, the American Media has sold out America in favor of a liberal ideology and chooses to assist liberal dogma in the goal of conquering America.  Today’s episode will highlight more proof in my case.  Rule number 11 of Rules for Radicals reads “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside; this is based on the principle that every positive has its negative.”  Today I will highlight how Liberals and the main stream media use language to apply this pressure all with the hopes of getting to the counterside of the discussion.  The media relishes the idea of making the President look bad and will go to the extreme to seek out bad from what is otherwise normal news.  When they can’t find the smoking gun, the media will use tactics to get people to generate more news to feed the narrative.  Don’t believe me?  Just listen to these stories and judge for yourself.  By the end of this episode, I will share with you the secret for defeating the liberal dogma.

The President is described as a hardworking 73-year-old man with incredible amounts of energy.  This past Saturday, he made a sudden trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  Since this visit wasn’t on the regular agenda, the media went crazy.  Vox journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted that “Trump’s trip to the hospital was ‘routine’ in the same way his call with the Ukrainian president was ‘perfect.'” Meanwhile, progressive website DailyKos published a post early Sunday morning titled “Trump and his ‘chest discomfort’ go to Walter Reed” with screenshots of unsubstantiated internet rumors about the president’s health.  Feminist author Amy Siskind used the occasion to attack Trump and urge journalists to investigate his hospital visit, as it could push the GOP to abandon the president. “I hope our media is digging into the truth behind this. We all know that dictators are only able to maintain power from strength. The moment Republicans smell weakness, they will turn on Trump-like hyenas,” she said on Twitter.  Progressive political pundit Bill Palmer joked that Trump’s visit to Walter Reed was the start of a bad day that could culminate with the president “going to prison.”  Former Clinton aide, Claude Taylor, speculated on Twitter that the president was being treated for a “panic attack.”  He said, “Here’s a working theory on yesterday’s no notice visit to Walter Reed. They needed cardiac labs to rule out a heart attack. Per pool report Trump left WH with shirt open with no police escort for motorcade-like it was pulled together quickly. Theory: he had a panic attack”.  CNN Headline, “Trump’s visit to Walter Reed ‘not protocol’ for a routine visit, source says.”  Washington Post Headline, “We need a second opinion on the president’s health.”  New York Magazine headline, “Trump’s Hospital Visit Still a Mystery.”  NBC News Headline, “White House defends Trump’s surprise medical exam amid skepticism online.”  I should note Rule number 6 from Rules for Radicals reads “A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.”  The media obviously enjoys the heck out of reporting anything that might be bad with the President.

Obviously what the President does scheduled or not, is always going to be news.  If the President suddenly makes a trip to the Hospital, the world press corp is going to report on it.  For example, remember that time back in 1997 with then-President Clinton had knee surgery?  The Los Angeles Times joked about how the President’s golf handicap would be increased and how the President worked through the obvious pain to the benefit of the American people.  What about the time President Bush choked on a pretzel?  Did the media talk about how he wasn’t fit for duty?  The LA Times again reported on the story and never once said anytime disparaging about the President.  LA Times Headline, “White House declines to release details on Trump hospital visit, calls it routine.”  It seems innocent, right?  It is true, the White House did not release the medical reports of the President’s visit.  However, the White House did give information the same as in the case for President Clinton and Bush…no medical report was released in either of those cases.  Doctors did go on record, but in those cases, there were medical treatments prescribed.  No assumptions on the part of the media, just the facts.  With President Trump, the narrative must be pushed that he is unfit to serve…why?  Keep listening.

Democrats held focus groups to test new impeachment language…apparently the truth works against the liberal agenda.  Proof by itself that Liberals are not trying the President for high crimes and misdemeanors like the Constitution grants them power, they are running a political campaign using taxpayer dollars.  Believe me when I say this tactic will be used again and again…at least until the American people put a stop to it.  As a marketing professional, I’ve organized focus groups.  I’ve never run them, mind you, but I have worked with my clients to organize them and set up the questions for which the answers would drive future sales.  We tested things to say and how that would trigger positive buying impulses in the target market.  Imagine for a moment, your local district attorney, before taking his case to the grand jury, he or she takes sample charges to a focus group to test out how the general public would receive them?  Rule number 7 of Rules for Radicals reads “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”  The left stays nimble in their campaign.  Seeking input on talking points is very normal for political campaigns and marketing efforts.  But I thought the left already had the good on crimes committed by the President?  Why do they need to run focus groups to test language?  OK, the OJ Simpson trial proved that slick slogans helped the defense, “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”  Johnnie Cochran earned he fee with that zinger.  Since last week’s star witness in the impeachment hearings did not actually witness anything the President did or said, the Democrats with the help of the media must feel they have to pivot or risk breaking rule #7.  They must find a new language the American public can connect with.

This past weekend Kellyanne Conway went on CNN with Wolf Blitzer.  During the interview, Wolf let his inner Radical show and from this exchange, we can get a glimpse of how to defeat the radical movement.  Wolf asked Kennyanne, “I just have a final question, a sensitive question. And it’s a political question, it’s a substantive question. I don’t want to talk about your marriage, I know there are issues there,” Blitzer said.  

My goal with this reference is not to applaud Kellyanne for ripping Wolf to shreds, she did a great job, no this reference is to highlight how Liberals and the Mainstream Media work to control the narrative.  Wolf didn’t just want to ask a question, he wanted to draw out an unforced error and generate a new news cycle.

I suspect not many of you, my listeners, have read Rules for Radicals…why waste our time on such dribble, but I felt if my enemy was going to publish their playbook, I should read it.  I have referenced a few of the rules for radicals in this podcast episode and did so with the presumption that you know what I am talking about—knowing full well that you hadn’t read the book.  This was intentional because as Conservatives, we do not seek the means to manipulate other human beings to bend to our will.  We seek inner peace and to be left to our own devices.  However, that is not how the mind of a Progressive work and right now they have a near majority in American leadership.  The whole reason for creating the Conservatives’ Guide to American Politics is to help my fellow conservatives face the war that is raging across America…war for the future of mankind.  

The tactics used by the progressive are simple and brilliant.  They are well researched and based on human instinct.  Liberal leaders have spent decades fine-tuning their craft and spent vast sums of money to get into key leadership positions to influence their eventual take over of American.  This is not a shooting war, this is a war of words.  The most potent weapon in the liberal arsenal is the last rule in the Rules for Radicals…Rule 13 in Rules for Radicals reads: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  

Back to the interview between Wolf and Kellyanne, the question Wolf asked Kellyanne is in the structure of Rule 13.  Kellyanne was the target, he attempted to freeze her with a personal question about the assumed state of her marriage (personalizing it) and try to force his target (Kellyanne) to slip up and say something bad about her husband.  A normal person might have crumbled under such public pressure after all Kellyanne’s husband is entitled to his opinion and that would have been a fine answer, but then the next 24-hour news cycle would be about how the marriage of a top Trump advisor was not the rocks.  Just look at how the Press treats the President’s visit to the hospital for a check-up.  

As conservatives, we’ve all been in this exact situation and out of politeness checked our response.  For example, my wife and I were having dinner with a dear, long-time friend, who was moving to Oregon where we lived at the time.  The conversation over dinner turned to politics, and our friend said, “Unions have helped, I mean I know how you obviously feel about unions Ed, but they’ve helped America in more ways than I can mention.”  This is a Rule 13 statement.  I was the target, she attempted to freeze me by personalizing the statement all while sipping soup next to the Sandy River in Troutdale Oregon.  The left is counting on us following our typical nature and politely letting those snide remarks pass unchallenged.  I didn’t oblige.  I asked, “since you seem to know, what are my opinions about unions?”

Over the next year, I will continue to highlight how the media is working to help the progressive agenda take over America.  In each episode, I will give you the information you can use to strengthen your resolve in the hundreds of conversations we have with liberals who are trying to knock us down.  First, it is critical to understand why.  Why are they doing this?  Why do they use Rule 13 in everyday conversations?

Division.  My wife once asked me how she should respond when her more liberal friends challenged her conservative ideas.  I told her then, “from the heart.”  My wife told me she did feel up to speed enough with current events to be able to do that.  She is right, the liberal, like Wolf and my friend at dinner by the river, they’ll pivot between fact and emotion-based arguments almost at will.  They are not seeking to change your mind, they are seeking to shut you up.  OK, If you change your mind they will celebrate, but they know a simple conversation is not the means to that end, they wish to face you and me to hide our conservative feelings so we don’t end up converting people who might be leaning towards liberal or progressive dogma to go conservative.  They now call this process hate speech, but that is a future podcast.

To defeat Rule 13, you do not need to be an expert on daily events, you need only be comfortable in your own skin…

What does that mean?  The natural response to Wolf’s question is to give her husband an out…something, like he is entitled to his own opinion, or our marriage, is strengthened by our differences.  Those are both statements each of you could see yourself using in response to such an attack.  However, what Kellyanne did is the death nail to Rule 13.  She asked a personal followup question.  “Why would you ask something like that?”  Or like I did with my friend, “Since you seem to know, what are my opinions about unions?”  Rules for Radicals is based on keeping the narrative or controlling the discussion.  The moment you ask a personal question, the Radical must respond and either defend their position or reapply the pressure.  Making it a personal question applies pressure to rule number 6…it is not fun to be placed in the hot seat.

Radicals are not stupid people…they’ll probably have a cleaver follow up to the first volley…but now they are playing our game and we are in control.  When someone makes it personal, ask them why they think you feel that way.  Ask them how they arrived at a place where they have such a low opinion about the name the subject?  Keep answering their personal attacks with personal questions.  This applies pressure on rule #7, by dragging on the hit, they lose interest very quickly.  If you watch the long version of the Wolf and Kellyanne interview from he point of the last question…you’ll see Wolf loses his zeal for the topic.  She asked the follow-up question, and Wolf volleys it back, but now Kellyanne has Wolf playing tennis instead of chess.  Kellyanne bat backs the next question and makes it personal without appearing to be upset.  By the third time, Wolf just sits there and allows Kellyanne to control the time.  

Let me state upfront this tactic will not gain you many liberal friends, but I suggest if the individual has such a low opinion of you to throw in a personal attack, they are not worth having as a friend.  No friendship is worth sacrificing your freedom of speech for.

Thank you for listening, please share this podcast with your conservative friends and help them prepare for the war of words that we must win…


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