Corona Virus Exposes Toilet Paper Shortage or That Many Americans Are Full Of Crap


It is tough to run a political podcast during a time of national crisis.  The natural tendency is to change the tenor and discuss the crisis at hand.  Of course, that is what American’s want…news.  Since my podcast is about the anti-American tendencies of the Media and politicians run for, and serving in, office.  I thought it best to do an episode on COVID-19 as it pertains to the break down of the American political system.  Give a peek into the topic the media doesn’t cover, connect the dots between progressive policies of the last 30 years and highlight my feelings on giving away free money.  Stay tuned, this is going to be a wild ride!

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were on national display at the most recent Democratic Party debate on CNN.  The big topic of the night was the Corona Virus.  Both highlighted incompetencies of President Trump’s response.  Naturally, they would make that statement, they want his job and need to show how they would be a better leader.  Joe Biden invited listeners to visit his website and read his plan for dealing with the Coronavirus.  So I did.  Here are the highlights:

A decisive public health response that ensures the wide availability of free testing; the elimination of all cost barriers to preventive care and treatment for COVID-19; the development of a vaccine; and the full deployment and operation of necessary supplies, personnel, and facilities.

A decisive economic response that starts with emergency paid leave for all those affected by the outbreak and gives all necessary help to workers, families, and small businesses that are hit hard by this crisis. Make no mistake: this will require an immediate set of ambitious and progressive economic measures, and further decisive action to address the larger macro-economic shock from this outbreak.

Biden believes ”..we must spend whatever it takes, without delay, to meet public health needs and deal with the mounting economic consequences.”  He also said, “Public health emergencies require disciplined, trustworthy leadership grounded in science.

Joe Biden said we would insist we have “our scientists in China, in China.”  He repeated.  He also said all healthcare costs Americans incur because of Coronavirus would be paid for by the government.  He also said every American would get their Mortgage paid by the government.  Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders suggests the federal government pay every American $1,000 a month.  Before I go too far down the path of my opinion, what about Bernie Sanders, what are his thoughts?

Bernie wants to make sure the “Wall Street Crooks” do not benefit from the government response.  He wants to fill the hospitals with doctors to cover the pending health care demand surge.  Free, free, free…when asked if he would use the military, he said he would “bring all necessary resources to bear to solve the problem.”  


  • Both Bernie and Joe seem to be able to generate massive amounts of cash
  • Both Bernie and Joe seem to think US Scientists are not enough
  • Both Bernie and Joe seem to think government is the solution to all ills


In defense of Bernie and Joe, both want to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing back to America.  Never mind that fact both supported legislation to allow critical medications to be manufactured out of the United States in the first place.  It uses to be the FDA required strict inspections of all pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.  It doesn’t sound like that happens in China.  But I could be mistaken.

While flipping through the news yesterday I heard a reporter say a centralized rule must be set by the federal government and the national guard called out to enforce it.

I need to inject here that I pre-record all my programs, so I am writing this script on Tuesday, March 17th, I’ll record the episode on Friday, March 20th, and this episode will air on Friday, March 27th.  What I am saying is old news already, so I am not breaking any headlines with my podcast.  Instead, I spend vast amounts of time researching my thoughts to make sure I am stating things correctly.  While I fully accept the reality that not everyone will agree with my opinions, I form them around facts that I’ve gone to great efforts to verify.

The Democrats are calling for a one-size-fits-all approach to America.  Governor Cuomo from New York went into a press conference on Monday, March 16th and accused the President of not providing the necessary leadership to stave off this crisis.

On Sunday, after long-line at Chicago O’Hares airport prompted concern, Mayor Lori Lightfoot sandblasted President Trump for “his lack of attention to details” with the European Travel Ban.  The Governor of Illinois got into a heated Twitter argument with the President writing, “The federal government needs to get its shit together. NOW.”  Obviously both leaders feel the President is responsible for all details of a program.

I could list off a dozen of things type of situations.  I am just waiting for blame for the 19 deaths in the retirement community in Seattle to fall at the feet of President Trump.  It is like these people believe the President of the United States operates as a dictator?  It is like they feel all decisions (included steps for the execution of every detail) need to originate from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Is that what you want?  Is that what is meant by a representative form of government?  Obviously the answer is no.  Americans do not want a dictator, although to listen to the media President Trump is either incompetent or overbearing.  It depends on the day.  

Now let’s look at the travel ban from a different point of view.  The announcement of the restriction went out on Wednesday, March 11th.  The restriction went into place at midnight on Friday, March 13th.  The long lines backed up on Saturday, March 14th.  Then on Sunday, March 15th, the Governor of Illinois and the Mayor of Chicago (both Democrats) took to the airwaves and said the President did not provide enough information to prepare for the long-lines as customs as travelers flocked to the airport and crowed the planes to get home.  Now the best part…the media bought it hook line and sinker.  Yep, this was all the President’s failing.  But wait a moment, let’s back up a little.

On Wednesday the announcement was made.  On Thursday the panic buying of airline tickets begun.  Newsweek reported one passenger paid $20,000 for two tickets to fly home.  This story was later debunked and the real price was only $3,500 per ticket…but the take away here is people started purchasing their tickets on Thursday.  Flights anywhere in the world are tracked and the passenger manifest communicated to the airports so that staffing can be adjusted as needed.  More than 83 million people fly in and out of Chicago O’Hare airport every year.  It is the nation’s busiest airport and the communication systems are better than every other airport in America and the number of people who work at the airport outnumber all the others.  They knew thousands of people would be landing on Saturday, they even knew the exact minute the planes would touch down on the runways.  

However, the Governor and Mayor sold the media a storyline that the President didn’t give the airport ample guidance on how to handle the surge.  And the media bought it, ran with it, and every Sunday talk show in America laid the blame at the President’s feet for not accounting for the TSA staffing requirements.  Sure, TSA is managed by Homeland Security, but staffing levels are not set by the President.  In fact, Home-Land Security doesn’t even set staffing levels.  The airport and FAA does base on the in-bound flights and passenger manifests.  No, there is something else going on here.  See if this version sounds more plausible.

The Democrats are hell-bent on making President Trump look bad…especially during an election year.  In an effort to influence voter perception, they sought ways to use weaponize American anger.  The Governor of Illinois and Mayor of Chicago along with the Chicago O’Hare Director of Operations decided not to staff up Saturday, March 14th so that long-lines would be played on TV.  The instructions from the White House seemed vague enough to get away with after all the President didn’t call the Mayor (as she mentioned on her Sunday Morning Talk Show Tour) with instructions on staffing levels.

When I worked at Texas Instruments, I saw a lot of folks drag their feet to show the boss who was really in charge.  When instructions were not 100% clear, some workers would purposely not do a critical part of their job, because after all the boss didn’t mention that task needed to be done, just that the job needed to be done quicker.  So of course, disaster strikes, things go sideways, and the morons who caused the problem sat back and pointed to the boss and said, “Hey I told them we couldn’t do this on the new schedule.”

The Governor of New York is pointing to the President for not calling out the national guard and implementing what would be described as Marshal Law…why?  Because he is not able to make a decision to shut down the restaurants and bars and call on citizens to stay home?  Or maybe to create a CYA chit.  Could it be that Governor Cuomo is working no to cover his political ass?  Go with me for a moment on this one.

Closing restaurants and bars will upset a lot of people.  The person who makes that call will bear the ire of those frustrated by the decision.  The Governor of New York is angry because the President did not take the responsibility of shutting down America and shielding himself from the potential blowback for the move.

Again, since I am writing this script on the 17th and the episode will not air until the 27th, I am guessing this who thing has already blown up and President Trump has exposed the plot.  However, I am not going to point at the Governor for the issue…This podcast is about the American Media and there complicity in was is tantamount to a coup attempt.

The Ukraine impeachment effort accused the President of using the power of the Presidency to hurt the campaign of a potential competitor.  The charge was, President Trump called the President of Ukraine and asked for an investigation into corruption on the part of Joe Biden’s son all in an effort to smear Joe Biden and hurt chances he could be elected as President of the United States.

I think it was Tucker Carlson who has said many times, if you want to know what the Democrats are unto, listen to what they are blaming other of and know that is exactly what they are doing.

Maybe the Governor of Illinois and New York are guilty of trying to influence the outcome of a Presidential election by dragging their feet and causing the discomfort (and possibly death) of American citizens.  Maybe the American Media is guilty of treason for not calling out these Governors on not using common sense that when a dozen planes carrying thousands of passengers are set to land with-in just a few hours of one another that the airport didn’t properly plan for their arrival?

Do you know how to bake a loaf of bread from scratch?  If you had too, could you skin a rabbit and prepare for a meal?  Could you even catch or kill the rabbit to skin?

In America’s history, there were times of great struggle.  During those times, Americans relied on the sweat of their own brow to provide for their family; they didn’t extend their hand for a government freebie.  At this last debate, both Joe and Bernie suggested half of America lived hand to mouth and was just one paycheck away from ruin.  On this, I think I agree.  Why have we gotten away from fending for ourselves?

Growing up, my parents (who both survived the great depression of the ‘30s) taught me how to survive should our economic system collapsed.  I don’t need the government’s help should our system collapse; what about you?

Based on how Americans are behaving right now, my guess is not many can survive without the comforts of the local grocery store.  Do you have money set aside for that rainy day?  How about six months of emergency funds?

I have seven grandchildren and I don’t believe any of them are prepared to survive without the government.  While I am confident my oldest grandson could defend his family and hunt for food; the other six I am sure would be statistics.  Not because their parents (and grandparents) didn’t encourage self-reliance, but I think because society rewards compliance.

Joe & Bernie appear to be playing to the crowd…that is the crowd who depends on handouts for survival.  Is that where America is today?  In ’62 Kennedy said “ask not what your country can do for you”, but today Joe and Bernie are saying “vote for me and I’ll put food on your table.”  

I’ve got to be blowing this out of proportion, it is just a couple of Democrats pandering their way into the office.  That should not count.  OK, Let’s look at Senator Mitt Romney.  He was governor of Massachusetts and Republican nominee for President of United States and now serves as a Senator from the State of Utah.  Oh, by the way, Senator Romney is calling for $1,000 checks getting sent to every American in response to the coronavirus.  

OK.  Mitt is just a fluke, after all he is an Anti-Trumper and is probably a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  Let me introduce you to Senator Tom Cotton, the junior senator from Arkansas.  

Tom served in the US Army as a JAG officer and was elected to office in 2013 when we was elected to the US House of Representatives.  In 2015 Tom ran for the US Senate and was elected.  He is a registered Republican and believes the government should give every American money.

UPDATE since writing this on March 17th.  The President is even calling for payment to Americans.  It looks like today the Senate will agree to a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package that includes $1200 to every adult in America that makes less than $100,000 a year (some restrictions apply).  The argument best given by Secretary Carson was “the system needs to be preserved so when things get fixed the system does not have to be rebuilt.”  I Respect everything Dr. Carson has does and agree with almost everything he does…except on giving money in the form of a handout.

This is not a party thing since both Democrats and Republicans are calling for free money to be given to Americans struggling with the coronavirus.


COVID19 has spun our country into a terrible mess.  Total US infections (as of March 22) are near 27,000 and fatalities are over 300.  I am not going to be one of those people that compare COVID-19 to the flu and try to deflate the issue.  COVID-19 is a very deadly disease and the reactions of our government are warranted.  However, giving free money is one item I totally disagree with.  It can not solve the problem, only exacerbate them.  Americans are no longer self-reliant because they don’t have to be.  When times get rough, someone from the government runs with a checkbook in hand…the politician does not care how big the check is because it is written on the taxpayer’s account.  The media does not call Democrats to the carpet for crazy ideas, because they are no longer journalists who seek the facts—they only seek to empower their friends.  Instead, the media spends a vast amount of time trying to make Republican politicians look bad for things they are trying to do so that Democrats can ride in with the checkbook looking like heroes.  Meanwhile, one generation after another in America falls prey to the dependency of the handout.

Call To Action

It is clear people being forced to stay home from work must have help.  I am not heartless…American comes to help every time there is a natural disaster.  Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, even civil war.  However, America does not run into a country and write checks to the citizens.  No, we go in with supplies and rescue teams.  When the dust settles we bring in bulldozers and world-class builders.  Why is a disaster in our own country any different?  Why not bring trainloads of goods and supplies to every city in America?  Why not provide mobile soup kitchens in every corner of America?  OK, sure, we can not bring thousands of people together in a tent for a meal, but the government could employ millions of unemployed Americans to deliver meals and supplies.  Go ahead and pay the drivers.  At least the money you give them will be for a service they provide helping other Americans.  Why must every solution be in the form of distancing us from our humanity?  Why can’t our politicians find solutions to big problems that actually draw people closer?  

American industry is already responding is massive order.  Distilleries are converting to make hand sanitizer.  Auto manufacturers are converting to build ventilators.  I have a suggestion, the New York Times should convert over to making toilet paper.  That way, at least they produce something people give a shit about.

Good luck and God bless.  I’ll be praying for you and every American to remain healthy during this COVID-19 disaster.


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