Being Conservative In A Liberal World


We’ve been bullied too long, we’ve allowed the speech police to dictate how we talk, we’ve been forced to accept moral standards set by others, we’ve been required to suppress our religious beliefs, we’ve been punished for seeking the means to protect ourselves and our family.  No more.  Our silence is killing Freedom and Liberty in America and we must apply pressure back on the communists demanding more control.  Conservatives are not pacifists, just the opposite, but our get-along attitude is allowing Progressives to destroy America.  We must push back.

Big tech, mainstream media, Washington DC Bureaucrats, special interest lobbyists, and the Democrat National Committee are working together to reshape our way of thinking and force us to capitulate.  No more.  A vast majority of Americans can be classified as conservative, but they fail to do so publicly for fear of ridicule and professional assassination.  Now your career can be taken away if you just thank President Trump.  Those who appear on some shows on FoxNews are banished from the professional ranks.  In some parts of America, you or your car will be bashed for wearing a Make America Great Again slogan.  Children are suspended from school for wearing a t-shirt with a print of the American flag.

No more.  In this episode, I will share my thoughts on how to begin the process of taking back America.


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