A Conservatives’ View Of The Week of November 11, 2019


News of the Week – The best way to describe the American media is they are highly training illusionists who practice daily the art of sleight of hand tricks.  They draw attention to stories they want Americans to be appalled by and hide the Really appalling news.  Here are a few stories from this last week, see what you think.

Elizabeth Warren Wealth Tax Plan

  • Proposes a 2% tax annually on households with a net worth of $50 million with a sliding scale up to a 6% annual tax on those households with a net worth of a billion dollars or more.

CNN reports Elizabeth Warren as a hero for the little guy, MSNBC calls her brave in the face of greedy capitalism.  ABC has characterized her plan as a bold step towards a brighter future in America.  Not one of them presented anything negative about Senator Warren’s plan.  Let me ask you, my conservative listeners…is it American to make money from someone just because they have a lot of it?  Where in the constitution is that government mandate written?

Here is a story that has been buried…at least you don’t see headlines on CNN, MSNBC, or the Main Stream Media…Heck, this one is even hidden from the more conservative media outlets too, but it, I think, is kind of important.

Uber fires Americans and Files for H-1B Visas

  • Uber laced off nearly 400 American workers
  • Uber this year received federal government approval for 299 H-1B visas (work permits intended for jobs requiring specialized skills)
  • Average wage of the American’s Uber laid off is between $132,184 in Palo Alto and $147,597 in San Francisco.
  • Average wage for H-1B visa employees is well below $100,000 (as reported by staff writer George Avalos for the San Jose Mercury News)
  • Note:  Companies don’t pay payroll taxes for H-1B Visa Employees

Back in August, Senator Warren did cry foul against the Uber when the employees were on strike as she said, “The drivers are fighting for living wages and better working conditions, and I stand with them.”  Obviously Senator Warren stands with the drivers, her campaign, between January and June of this year (according to public Federal Election Commission filings) paid nearly $12,000 to to Uber and Lyft.  

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has really railed against the monopoly big tech holds over America, yet according to USA Today, Elizabeth Warren leads the pack in spending on Uber, Lyft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.  During the first two quarters of this year, Senator Warren’s campaign spent more than $80,000 on office supplies, event supplies, and technology from Amazon.  A company the Senator has completed many times pays does not pay any federal income tax.

Why does Senator Warren support the companies she apparently hates?  Why does she continue to support the greedy multibillion-dollar corporations if they are so evil?  More important question, why do these companies continue to support Elizabeth Warren?

Just how dumb does the Liberal Elites think Americans are?  Oops, that is a rhetorical question, a graduate student instructor at Berkeley this past week told us exactly what they think:

Berkeley Instructor

  • “Rural Americans and Bad People who have made Bad Life Decisions”
  • “Some, I assume, are good people. But this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid, and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city.”
  • “Rural healthcare should be expensive!”
  • “It should be uncomfortable to live in rural America. It should be uncomfortable to not move,”

Later in the week is did tweet an apology and deleted his original post, but his brief bit of honesty gives us some insight.  Important information when we look at the other big stories from this past week.

This week the House Intelligence Committee held public hearings on impeaching the President, the star witnesses were:

Impeachment Hearings

  • Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent
  • Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch

I openly admit I did not watch these hearings but for maybe five minutes on Wednesday…however, in preparation for this podcast, I did some homework.  Here is the long and short of the testimony.  Acting Ambassador Taylor is mad at the President for changing the foreign policy of the United States.  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kent in angry that President Trump…well, I am not sure why he is angry, he’s never talked with the President, he did not hear the phone calls first hand, so I guess his beef is really just like Mr. Taylor.  The President dared set foreign policy without the consent of the diplomatic core.  Then there is Former Ambassador Yovanovitch, I think the phrase is hell has no fury like a woman scorn…and did the President ever scorn that woman?  The President took to Twitter on Friday on continued his bashing and she was appalled and hurt.  On a side note, Mrs. Yovanovitch did state she did not know of the President breaking any laws.  Let’s ignore that and just pay attention to her feelings.

For that matter, let’s just ignore the whole impeachment proceedings from this past week, did you all hear there was another shooting in California?  Here is how it was reported:

School shooting in Southern California

  • Suspected gunman in Southern California high school shooting dies
  • The shooter killed two students and injured three others and then shot himself

Remember the wall to wall coverage of the shootings at Walmart in Texas…heck, remember the wall to wall coverage of the last California mass shooting?  Why not this time?  There was coverage on Thursday, but by Friday the story had fallen off the pages and impeachment was back.  Could it be because California has some of the strictest gun laws in America?  

This next story has been pretty much completely hidden from the public.  I feel it is critical to today’s podcast and thus saved it for last.

Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib

  • Multiple outlets avoided reporting on the ethics committees’ recommendation to subpoena the congresswoman over her campaign payments.  Tlaib received payments from the campaign after her 2018 election, and they are “potentially problematic,” the ethics committee said. It voted unanimously to continue its investigation over the payments.

Wrapping things up with a little bow…we have a suspected gunman who killed himself after killing two and injuring three others.  We have a congresswoman railing against the President for his bribery and misconduct being investigated for campaign finance law violation—not reported on by the press.  We have a Berkeley instructor opening admitting rural Americans should be made to hurt for their bad decisions.  A senator running for President who thinks the President should be thrown out of office for corruption spending tens of thousands of dollars at companies she feels are corrupt.  All while the big tech companies lay off hundreds of high paid Americans in favor of less expensive foreign workers.

My Podcast message is pretty simple.  It is a call on all Conservatives to get out and vote.  Do not stay home over this next year.  Pay attention to your primaries, support the common-sense conservative and support President Trump.  Then in November, send the liberals packing and let’s keep American free.


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