Who is really running the White House?

by Dave Dougherty

Do you recognize the name, Avril Haines?  Well, don’t feel badly, 99.5% of all Americans don’t recognize the name.

But in the very near future, most likely everyone in the Washington Press Corps  will be vying to ask her questions over her role in the shameful Afghanistan defeat and how the U.S. fled from the scene, and  what her actual role is in manipulating President Biden like a stick-figure puppet.  When Biden says “they” wont’s let him talk about the Afghanistan  pull-out, the largest and most influential of the “they”s is Mrs. Haines, a Jewish lawyer without intelligence experience who is the epitome of a “Swamp Rat” in particular the type that are destroying the American republic and its democratic ideals.

Haines is on literally every policy-making committee or council of note in the Federal Government, and as the Director of National Intelligence (DNI,) is the United States Government official most frequently in contact with the President  on matters of intelligence and security.  She is subject only to the authority, direction and control of the President . and has the following duties according to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. Under that act, the DNI: 

  1. Haines serves as the principal adviser to the President on all intelligence matters and everything related to national security (literally everything of note for Federal action)  as well as heading, the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council.
  2. Haines serves as the head of the seventeen-member Intelligence Community, including the FBI, the CIA, Army Intelligence, Coast Guard Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Airforce Intelligence, Homeland Security Intelligence, Department of State Intelligence, and another nine intelligence agencies.
  3. Haines oversees and directs the National Intelligence Program.  As such, it would have been Avril Haines, the current Director of the Office for National Intelligence whose responsibility it was to provide all intelligence on Afghanistan to President Biden, and she grossly misled Biden – due to incompetence or inaction — on the stability of the pro-American Afghanistan forces and government.

The sixteen members of the intelligence community, all reporting to Haines, and who apparently can’t see the forest for the trees, are as follows:

Organization                                       Parent                         Federal Department 

Office of Naval Intelligence               United States Navy    Defense Dept 

Coast Guard Int.                                 U.S. Coastguard         Homeland Security 

Bureau of Int. & Res. (INR)               State Department       State Department 

Central Intelligence Agency               none                           Independent Agency 

**Note: With an invisible budget taking money from many other organizations, but estimated at over 185 billion dollars per year.

16th Air Force                                      USAF                        Defense Dept 

National Security Agency                   Defense Dept             Defense Dept 

National Recon Office (NRO)            Defense Dept              Defense Dept 

Defense Intelligence Agency              Defense Dept.             Defense Dept 

*Note: Established by President Kennedy to give his Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, his own private intelligence agency with which to confront the CIA and  its many blunders during the 1950s.  The job rotates between three-star generals from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force every three years, more or less.  It is a closed club, and since DIA operations must be cleared with the CIA, it is definitely the junior partner in intelligence gathering.

Military Intelligence Corp                   Defense Dept             Defense Dept   

Note* Previously Army Intelligence, established by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, and responsible for positive military intelligence, security, counterintelligence, and counter-sabotage.

Office of Intel & Counterintel           Energy Dept                Energy Dept

(Note*  Previously sub-branches in Army Intelligence)

Marine Corps Intelligence                 U.S. Marine Corps      Defense Dept 

(Note* Previously part of Naval Intelligence.)

National & Geospatial Intel (NGA)    Defense Dept             Defense Dept 

Terrorism & Financial Intel (TFI)  Treasury Dept            Treasury Dept

Intelligence Branch                            FBI                              Justice Dept

Office of Nat Sec Intel (ONSI)      DEA                            Justice Dept 

Office of Intel and Analysis (I&A)    Homeland Security     Homeland Security

Space Delta 7                                      US Air Force              Defense Dept 

The total budget for all of the above Federal Departments is estimated to be over 1.25

trillion dollars – of course, intelligence is only part of that.  But the rule is: the more intelligence and the better intelligence, the lower the succeeding expenditures need to be.

As you can see, literally every major Federal bureaucracy has its own intelligence service.  From this, one might think that Army Intelligence must have floundered during World War II, then followed with the debacles of Korea and Vietnam.  Actually, Army Intelligence functioned very well during World War II, starting with Pearl Harbor, where General Marshall neutralized the intel received  by sending the warning to Pearl by commercial telegraph, and didn’t even mark the obvious signs of Japan’s attack with an “Urgent” notation.

In Korea, it was a battle of  MacArthur (and his intelligence chief Charles Willoughby,  nicknamed “The Mad Hun,” who was born  in Germany and generally conceded to be the worst intelligence chief who ever served in the US Army,) versus everyone else, particularly, John Muccio, the Ambassador to Korea who liked to play Rambo and spread  misinformation right and left.  After MacArthur was removed, the war went much better with better intelligence.  During the Cold War in Europe from 1945 to 1966, Army Intelligence functioned nearly flawlessly, and once again, the errors were political by politicians who thought they knew better than the Army’s intelligence reports.  In Vietnam, Army Intelligence, beginning in 1945, consistently said that a Philippines-type action for independence was indicated  rather than war to support France’s desire to reestablish their world empire.  Does anyone remember Major Archimedes Patti?  But the Generals needed a war to build up their importance (to themselves.)  So 60,000 American troops died for nothing.

Now the U.S. has a totally unworkable situation wherein the main purpose of intelligence is to strengthen the positions of swamp rat bureaucrats in their constant turf wars.  Intelligence does not get to those who need  it on a timely basis, and this is all due to Washington bureaucrats.  The intelligence agents gathering the intelligence, often at great personal risk, are shunted aside, because the GS-15s and GS-16s always know better.  Haines, currently at the top of the heap, has never run an intelligence operation in her life, and has no special skill that makes her reading of intelligence reports any more accurate than that of an average high school graduate.  And above her is only President Biden who appears to have severe dementia of other cognitive  issues!           

So here we are – with everything depending on Haines, the Director of National Security, reporting only to the President, who is the primary advisor to the President on literally everything that has a security or intelligence aspect, and superior to the CIA, NIA, the FBI (by being higher in the pecking order with the President than the Justice Department,) Homeland Security, and literally every other department in the Federal Government.  With a weakling like Biden, this individual, lawyer and swamp rat hanging around to feed at the federal trough.  The US is totally dependent on the unelected Avril Haines, who apparently has no experience in intelligence gathering, literally running the presidency.

There is very little information available on Haines and her husband except  her schooling and that she is a lawyer and Jewish.   As much as I dislike the CIA, the power Haines wields eclipses that of the CIA, all the military intelligence organizations, the FBI, and Homeland Security, maybe even all put together.   Haines also acts as the doorkeeper regarding access to the President for all the other 16 intelligence agencies.  In effect, it looks like Biden’s Administration is run by three individuals, two in the legislature, Schumer and Pelosi, and by Haines in the executive.  Haines made her appearance in the Obama Administration, and her rise has been meteoric.  Evidently, she is the ultimate Swamp Rat, and can work well with the swamp itself, President Biden.  I would bet my bottom dollar that 99% of American citizens have never heard of Haines.

One of the factors that has made America great was a surprisingly large patriotic base fitting the definition of American Exceptionalism.  The citizenry that makes America exceptional are those that are Protestant, white, free market supporters, and  believe in a citizen’s right to own and keep property subject only loosely to regulations by government.  But the Supreme Court no longer has ANY members of that basic ethnic group – failing to represent them  on religious grounds with six Catholics and three Jews although Catholics are less than a quarter of the population and the Jews only two percent.  In Congress, Jews are ten percent of the Senate and almost five percent in the House.

It is probably a fairly good assumption that it was Haines who convinced Biden that the US-friendly Afghanistan government would not crash and burn when the US military pulled out.  But finding proof will take a miracle given the large number – literally all of the general officers in Afghanistan were involved in some degree in the decisions that were made, and if there is one thing to be learned from American military history is that the general officers stick together and cover for each other.  Of the military personnel held in Leavenworth  prison the individual with the highest rank is a Lt. Colonel.  There are no generals to be found – the military’s general officer protective association works very well.

When I was in Army Intelligence from 1961 to 1973, I learned that Intelligence was a game with few good players but many bad ones.  From the outset, general officers in Army Intelligence as well as the remainder of the Army are essentially untouchable.  Generals and full colonels get a pass on acts of incompetence or malfeasance.  For example in WWII, Lt. General Lloyd Fredendahl single-handedly lost the battle of Kasserine Pass, cowardly hiding in his concrete bunker the entire time.  Ike removed Fredendahl from command, but sent him back to the States with his record intact, where he was given a training command because he was supposedly a good  trainer.   Mark Clark was a disaster, but continued to be promoted and ended up as the President of The Citadel.   Today we can expect General Milley to be saved by the Democratic Party since he could probably implicate Biden in the horrific decisions made in Afghanistan, and no generals will be censured because they are needed to support Biden.  Nonetheless, some Major will probably take the fall and be forced to resign his commission for miss-interpreting President Trump’s Treaty with the Taliban, and a Lt Colonel who criticized the decision-making has already  seen the inside of the Army penal facilities.

There will be many candidates for taking the fall for losing Afghanistan, mostly middle-ranking members of the huge numbers of Intelligence Officers, all in analysis rather than operations, in the seventeen agencies listed above.   The large numbers of agencies in the Intelligence Community flatly guarantees the U.S. will get very bad intelligence throughout the world.  Everybody has to get involved, but cross-communications between intelligence agencies was literally forbidden by the “Wall Memo” written by the attorney and swamp denizen Jamie Gorelick.  Her memo of 1995 erected a “wall” between intelligence and law enforcement, which then impeded the investigation of al Qaeda in the run-up to the 9/11 attacks.   Jamie Gorelick was working as Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, the hero of the eradication of the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, and was and is still a well-known and active member of the Washington swamp rat association.

The CIA is well-known for its ineptitude, and in the fall of 1977 CIA Director (formerly admiral) Stansfield Turner fired about 2-300 CIA employees in an economy move promptly dubbed “the Halloween Massacre.”  Amazingly, nearly all of the employees terminated were in operations against literally none in analysis.  For its entire existence, the CIA has been remarkably inept at  running intelligence operations – maybe because they specialize in hiring Ivy League socialites — and the only thing that has kept them in the intelligence game has been the stunning total of volunteer walk-in defectors from the Communist Bloc.

At this point, the Army apparently possessed good intelligence on what was happening in Afghanistan, but was over-ridden in the Intelligence Community – most of whose members had nothing to contribute, and by the absolutely childish intelligence coming out of the State Department.  At this point, I must say that the only agency worse than the CIA is the INR Bureau run by the State Department.  Even the Soviets had less than a third the number of intelligence agencies of the U.S., and the KGB time and again ran penetration operations against the CIA that were highly successful.

Most important for careerists in the Army is that Intelligence is a lose-lose situation.  The path to a generalship does not feature any stops in Intelligence, and it is safer not to be involved in collecting intelligence so there will be no black marks on one’s record.  When intelligence is received, the responsible personnel are Captains through Lt. Colonels, and they are the ones to take the fall in the flaps that sooner or later will occur.  Since these flaps generally arise in analysis which has traditionally been staffed by civilian bureaucrats, these low-ranking bureaucrats  are simply sacrificed as being non-entities, while token actions (but still often career-ending) are made among the operatives and commanders.

In short, American Intelligence is poor, with more operatives attempting to avoid getting fired than producing good intelligence.  That must change.  Probably most of the agencies in the Intelligence Community should be eliminated, and staffing the remaining agencies from legal departments, personnel, and the police must be changed to favor intelligence professionals.  At the very least, the agencies with narrow missions and those run by civilians should come under close scrutiny to determine their worth.  Running successful Intelligence operations is personally risky, and there should be some rewards for successes rather than non-informative actions taken to avoid risk.

Today, the U.S. seems committed to failure, and in particular, to failing so that no one will be individually liable.  But people are responsible, and there should be consequences for not running successful operations. 

I’m reminded of the training every CIA intelligence operative gets – one must make a successful parachute jump – I’m not sure how many times – a skill that is most definitely NOT needed for an  intelligence operative.  It is, however, needed for Rambo and Seal Team assault individuals.  I mention this since it shows how far off the mark the CIA is.  Cowboys don’t gather intelligence: deliberate, intelligent, dedicated individuals do.  Army intelligence at least knew that, and ran operations in the 1950s that essentially controlled the East German railways and set up the maneuver areas for the Warsaw Pact troops in the annual fall military exercises.  The CIA couldn’t be bothered to collect such mundane information, even if it would give the US troops in Germany early warning of a hostile Soviet invasion of Western Europe.  But what did the CIA know?  Whatever the embassy and consular officers could gather at cocktail parties with Warsaw Pact nations.  That they might be hearing disinformation was, of course, not possible since the CIA officers were Ivy League grads and therefor much higher on the intellectual food chain than their Communist counterparts.

One Army Intelligence operation in early 1960 involving Finnish sources reported that the Soviets had strengthened their anti-aircraft facilities on their southern border and could not shoot down planes at a height of 90,000 feet.  The CIA discounted the information, and the result was the loss of a U-2 and its pilot Gary Powers.   Another in 1959 controlling the East German Railway was compromised by an Army officer flying by helicopter from West Berlin to Heidelberg.  The copter went down over East Germany, and the East Germans captured a host of classified material before the Major could destroy it.

The much-heralded CIA operation that consisted of building a tunnel in West Berlin to tap into the Soviet telephones lines was supposedly another terrific CIA triumph..  Unfortunately, a Soviet intelligence operative (from the Cambridge five)  heard about the tunnel in Washington (intelligence always makes for great stories to impress beautiful women), and the tunnel turned out to be the largest disinformation operation run by the Soviets until the 1980s.

In 1964 Army Intelligence uncovered the shipment of Lazer-Maser equipment that was being shipped from American companies in the United States to Germany.  There it was immediately re-shipped to various Soviet laboratories working on Laser technology, short-cutting the Soviet development of Laser technology by probably a decade.  Army Intelligence reported the illegal activities, but were told to cease reporting on the American corporations’ activities and concentrate on Soviet developments although the two were closely linked.

And finally, before the Soviets crushed Czechoslovakia in 1968, Army Intelligence reported that Soviet units were moving into the forests and railroad tunnels along the border of East Germany and Czechoslovakia.  This intelligence was ignored by the generals, who then said they were surprised because the Soviets did not enter Czechoslovakia over its border on the East with the USSR (sound like Afghanistan?)   Yet all the CIA and the generals in the Pentagon had to do was read the Army’s intelligence reports!  Copies went to the CIA where they were ignored, any no one in the Army or in the CIA got fired.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point.  Read  my book, On Hamburg Station, and get a new view on the criminally bumbling CIA in the 1950s and 1960s.  Believe  me, it hasn’t gotten any better.  Now we have a giant turf war consuming the time of all the swamp rats while the US collapses before their eyes.  But as long as they get their government contracts, the thousands of American companies dependent on wasteful federal contracts don’t care and the Generals that get their piece of the action don’t care either.  If a war results, well, that’s good too.  Wars mean promotion and bigger pensions for the generals involved.

In another forty years the largest bloc of voters will be Hispanics, and Spanish will be the dominant language spoken.  Blacks will still be the underclass with only 10% of the population, Roman Catholicism will be the dominant religion, and the nation will have undergone drastic and permanent changes.  No nation in the world has survived for long without controlling its borders and ethnic compositions.  Clearly, the fumbling in Washington is leading to China’s becoming dominant in the world, and no one, not even the rump European states, will care anything about the U.S.  We will have eradicated ourselves, burned our books, outlawed our religions, and destroyed our empire much like the Romans did.  History clearly tells us what will happen, and with our children focused on learning Critical Race Theory and how the white man is responsible for all the ills of the world,  we will march to our fate like the Jews did in the Holocaust. 

When will all this happen, you ask?  It has already begun.  If you want to know what can be done, read my book Starve The Beast!   But know this: it is probably already too late.  Your children are already rebelling against  you because of what they are learning in school.  TO the discerning eye, the children  look precisely like the Komsomol and Hitler Youth members of the 20th century.  And there is no place to hide.

Remember American Exceptionalism?  It was an outgrowth of four factors found nowhere else in the world to the degree found in the U.S.: (1) a heritage of common law; (2) a Christian and predominately Protestant religious tradition; (3) a free-market economy; and (4) property rights, especially land rights.  But no longer.  The government owns all real estate.  All property is rented – the real estate tax becoming the lease payment to the government, and the various federal and state bureaucracies determine the use to which the property can be put.

The bureaucrats now know what is best for every American, and you are to obey them without questioning the legality or value of their orders.  Andrew McCabe and James Comeys clearly established themselves as above the law, but they were just a partial face of the Federal Bureaucracy.  Still, it was a shock to watch Comeys disregard all semblance of responsibility to the American people or even the President.  And McCabe committed a felony by lying, yet was later given his full pensioc.

The people were to obey their bettors, and Federal bureaucrats were clearly and always above the law.  Remember how many times Congressman Adam Schiff said he had documentary proof that President Trump had colluded with the Russians, but now four years later has not provided a shred of evidence to support his specious claim.  Why isn’t Schiff  in jail?   Oh, he has immunity as a member of Congress whose party is in the majority.

So we go on, believing that somehow we will be rescued from our own government and the vicissitudes of having seventeen organizations gathering together to make policy-impacting intelligence.  The Federal Government is simply out of control, and the people lack all means to bring it under control.   Vote, you say?  For whom?  For a member of the swamp, or for someone campaigning to join the swamp? 

The prospects for the U.S. are truly troubling.

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